Smaller Indian stations to get renovations

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Aug 24, 2003
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Here is some more concrete detail in the official notification from Indian Railways about what work that is envisaged at the stations selected to be part of the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (Amrit Bharat translates to Immortal India)

Some useful information about platform height and length is included. Platform length is 600m which is basically fit for a 24 LHB car (23 standard American 85 footer) train. We in the US can feel only a longing for such I suppose. Although platform height in India is around 2.75' (840mm) and there is no level boarding. See photo below:


Diviyangjan => Disabled

Interesting that platform tracks will get ballastless track.

BTW, in the photo above I really like the high definition electronic signs designating Coach position. C5 says it is AC Chair Car 5. The reservation slip that each passenger gets will have C5 as the Car and then a seat designation in it. The two lines of text under the big C5 appears to be the full consists and car order of the train, though I cannot quite read it.

So in effect you can look at any of those and figure out how far you are from your designated car and in which direction to walk to get to it.
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