South Station to Logan Airport Rental Car Center, Silver Line and logan Airport Shuttle

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Apr 5, 2011
Baltimore. MD
We're riding up to Boston on the Acela and planning to rent a car to go further north. I had originally planned to use the usual Enterprise South Boston, as they pick you up at the station, but we're returning on a Sunday, and I found a rental at Logan Airport that's $200 cheaper. I think it's not too hard to get from South Station to the Logan Airport car rentals without having to take a cab or ride share, but I still have some questions.

It seems I can take the Silver Line from South Station to either the Airport T station (SL3) and ride an airport shuttle to the rental car center, or to Terminal A (SL1) and ride an airport shuttle to the rental car center. Which route is faster? The website of the airport shuttle doesn't show the route maps, but I'd really not want to take a shuttle ride that gives me a tour of every airport terminal on the way to the rental car center.

On the way back, we'd probably just want to go to the Airpoirt T station, as we're staying in a hotel downtown that's just a couple of blocks from the Blue Line. But it is interesting that the SL1 from the airport to South Station is a free ride, but not the other way around.