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Dec 23, 2018
So i recently took the Lake shore limited back in December to meet the Maple Leaf. SO for breakfast i was server the cold breakfast thanks to the cuts from Mr. Anderson. So I am booked for two trips to Austin from Chicago round trip upcoming.....is the meals still warm and cooked or will they be the boxed Mr. Anderson meals (less food and still the cost of sleepers)? If they are to be boxed, then flying by airlines, as Mr. Anderson intent is, would be better since then I could pay for a warm cooked meal.

So what is the meal service like on the Texas Eagle????


OBS Chief
Sep 4, 2016
The service on the Texas Eagle is the same as other long-distance trains. It is not the boxed "Fresh and Contemporary" food served on the Lake Shore Limited. You can view the menu here:


Edit: That menu is a bit out-of-date. The Risotto and Shrimp Biryani in the least are no longer available, and the prices have gone up. Also, there is a limited lunch menu (burgers and hot dogs) before arrival in Chicago.
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Bob Dylan

May 31, 2009
As a follow up, the Texas Eagle has several Outstanding Diner Crews and really good Chefs.

Only a few of the Newer OBS are Slackers and have the "Chicagotude" that Chicago Based Crews have been known for for many years.

Most of the Conductors on this Route are also friendly and helpful!

Hopefully you'll get one of the good Crews, and have a great trip with good food on my Home Train!
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