The Curious Case of Stobe the Hobo

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Jan 10, 2018
Wow. I would read that book.
And now you can. My former professor was Pauli Murray, and her posthumous autobiography is now available in print again and on Kindle. There are also a few books about her, and her relationships with people such as Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an amazing correspondent, churning out thousands of beautifully composed letters, and she kept copies of her own letters and her correspondents' replies. During my junior year in college, she hired me as a research assistant, and among other tasks, I was entrusted with going through and organizing her letters--though she sifted out personal and sensitive ones. I later realized that she was preparing at the time to leave the university, and wanted to sort through her papers which Harvard had asked her to donate to them.

Pauli Murray was an inspiration to me while in college. She liked to say, One person plus an typewriter is a movement. And now, as a teacher myself, I like to think I am passing on some of the gifts she shared with me.
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