The Tren Maya Might Actually Happen?

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Mar 30, 2011
It seems that part of the project will re-use abandoned freight ROW (I understand all remaining railroad activity on the peninsula was stopped in 2005 following hurricane damage, but the importance of railroads was already much diminished previous to this due to closure of mines, which were the main source of traffic). Other parts of the new system will be new build following freeway ROW. Trains will run at speeds of up to 100mph.

Besides the passenger service, there are also plans to revive freight service to serve agriculture.

The passenger service is expected to boost tourism.

It would seem several sections of the project are currently on hold due to legal disputes concerning indigenous groups, whose land will be affected.

Other sections are apparently already under construction, although I have had some difficulty finding confirmation of this.

Nevertheless, this hasn't prevented Alstom being awarded a contract to build the trains.

Winner announced for Mayan Train rolling stock and systems contract (
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