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Oct 24, 2012
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My rail travels over the past 2-decades have been aboard trains in Canada and the U.S. (Alaska included).

The majority of fotos were taken thru the windows of my bedroom accommodations or from the rear vestibule when the sleeping car was located at the rear.
Others were snapped inside stations or from the platforms.

These selections will not be in any particular order nor with a theme, just fotos taken by a true amateur with a camera.
Most of my images have the date-stamp shown; a preference of mine - annoying perhaps to some viewers - but a personal preference of mine.



Taken on May 9th 2015.
A picturesque inlet in the State of Washington.
Taken aboard the southbound Cascades from my business class seat.
The scene is just south of the Canada-U.S. border; westward view.
This one and more are within my gallery for the Cascades rail trips.


Taken on April 2nd 2015.
Mt. Shasta, California - Taken thru bedroom window of Coast Starlight en route Portland, Oregon from Los Angeles, California.
A lucky shot in that the early morning sun is clearly visible as reflected on the mountain's ice cap.
This and others may be viewed in my galleries for the Coast Starlight trip.


Taken on Nov 28th 2015.
A Colorado canyon scene from the eastbound California Zephyr.
This and many others may be seen in my Thanksgiving 2015 Gallery of fotos.

More to follow . . .

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