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Aug 24, 2003
Space Coast, Florida, Area code 3-2-1
Just for reference they do work fine more or less on Windows 10. I am thinking of getting back into it with some more seriousness than occasional dabbling, which is what I have been doing for the last five or so years.

The thing is, the only thing around here in Florida east coast is FECR/Brightline, and their schedules and traffic density are downright bucolic compared to the NEC High Line in NJ. It is hard to beat 26tph with multiple stop patterns and requirement to maintains strict time table order of arrival into Penn A interlocking for things to work just right. Now that is dispatching pressure!

Speaking of UK, I wonder if anyone has ever attempted Clapham Junction, though there the flows do not intermingle much and pretty much stay on their assigned subset of the tracks, which makes it a little easier. Back in the days when I used to spend several months each year in the UK on work, I often used to take the Southwest service out of Waterloo to Bracknell/Winnersh Triangle on work. It was way cheaper than taking the much much faster rush hour Great Western to Reading and trecking back on Southwest.