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Nov 9, 2016
Portsmouth, VA
Hey y'all,

Next year, I MIGHT be taking a trip from Norfolk to Orlando in July. I would take a Northeast Regional from NFK to RVR and then take the Silver Star to Orlando (specifically WPK). On the return trip, I would take the Star back to Richmond and then take a Regional back to Norfolk.

Here's my question:

Should I book separate one-way reservations on the Regionals and a round trip on the Star, or should I just book a round trip for the whole thing? On the outgoing trip, I'd want to reduce the layover time in Richmond and on the incoming trip, I'd want to make sure I can catch a Regional back to Norfolk in the event that the Star is late arriving in Richmond. If I book a round trip all the way, the layover in Richmond outgoing would be pretty long. However, if I book the Regional from NFK to RVR separately, I can arrive in Richmond closer to when the Star is scheduled to arrive. And I do understand that if the Star arrives in Richmond on time (on the return trip), my layover in Richmond would be long, but I can deal with that.

What do you guys think?


Lead Service Attendant
Jul 29, 2019
Greensboro, NC
Is there any benefit to making this one reservation, such as guaranteed connections, or more AGR points? If not I would book to best suit your needs and that sounds like booking segments separately.


Gathering Team Member
May 6, 2011
I personally would book NFK - WPK as one reservation and WPK - NFK as a separate reservation. Those will give you guaranteed connections in RVR.
I never book round trips, either on trains or planes.
Aug 7, 2004
QB 101
Guaranteed connections are great so they know that you have a connection to make.

Years ago, I was aboard the #421 through sleeper CHI->LAX connecting to a sleeper on #14, the Coast Starlight.

As we were running 5 or 6 hours late, 'they woke me early and got me off to make a bus connection to the Starlight. That was no problem. And I was a happy camper because of it. That was the second or third time having made a guaranteed reservation saved the day for me.

At other times, the Amtrak computer would not permit me to make a tight connection less than 2 hours as I recall. This happens fairly often for me along the NEC when going from a regional to or from an LD train.

I can easily change the regjonal to an earlier or later train as I am comfortable with making 'blocked' connections. Going from LD to regional is even more comfortable from the comfort of a roomette,..even making a 30 minute connection or stretching a tight connection to grab something at the food court, WAS or PHL most often.

Dan O

Feb 21, 2008
So Calif
I would do as AmtrakBlue suggested. I recently had a trip from southern California to NYC and back. I was glad it was on two reservations as I had to change both legs of the trip due to family issues. I was able to do so but got charged a higher rate for the change. Breaking the trip in two, I only had the higher rate on each leg when I rebooked vs the whole trip. The great deal I originally got ended up to be a not so great deal with rebooking. But, I did see NYC and family so in that respect it was worth it.