Turbo's Run to Penn Station..Testing

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Train Attendant
Aug 24, 2002
Just read the first set of rebuilt turbos made a successful roundtrip to NY Penn..its hoped to have them accepted for service in a few weeks....Interesting..the turbos cannot make the steep climb thru the East River tunnels to Sunnyside yards (2 1/2%) in 3rd rail mode...they would have to be pulled by a motor. Its planned just to reverse ends in Penn..and head North..fueling was always done in AR. I remember in the late 70's riding in the dome behind the engineer on the UA turbos..Boston to NY...he could not climb the tunnels to Penn on 3rd rail power too...was wild to experience the Turbos kick in...and see all the dust blast off the tunner walls...to get us into Penn. Those turbo's were an experience to ride..watching the speedometer peg at 120..on the old NH. I believe they all were scrapped..they were a nightmare to maintain.