Updating Amtrak Scheduling Online Algorithms?

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May 26, 2011
I often take Amtrak between EMY and FSC. This routing includes a Greyhound-operated bus between GSC and FSC. One can still ticket online (or through a telephone agent) the eastbound journey. But the link to the westbound journey was broken about 2 years ago when Greyhound discontinued its morning bus departure from DEN via FSC to GSC and points west.

That morning bus has recently been reinstated by Greyhound, and provides a very convenient (3 hour layover) connection between bus and train at GSC. The prior morning bus even included a stop at the GSC Amtrak station to "de-bus" Amtrak passengers only -- the regular Greyhound stop is 2 miles west of downtown GSC, but an every-half-hour city bus provides a reasonable connection between the regular Greyhound stop and "close" (two block walk) stop near the Amtrak station.

Greyhound schedules show this morning bus continuing thru at least the remainder of 2013, yet the Amtrak online ticketing system still will not book this FSC-GSC-EMY routing (while the opposite direction can still be ticketed online).

Anyone know how (who?) to contact in Amtrak to get this ticketing option restored into their reservations system?


Dec 19, 2008
Houston, Texas
Why don't you just buy a separate ticket from Greyhound direct for the westbound segment between Frisco and Glenwood Springs. It's only $22. Then you only have to book Amtrak from GSC west. Greyhound has a web site where you can make advance purchases.