Urban Seattle photo spots?

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Jan 15, 2023
Seattle, WA
Hello fellow photo nerds,
I'm a long-time photographer who has taken up photographing the trains around Seattle. I can see the Empire Builder and Cascades from my window, actually, so I started there but recently I've graduated to finding spots near the BNSF yard and grain elevator from which to shoot. There are a number of good bridges with pedestrian walkways where I can get a good view, and last weekend I hung out by an office building at ground level and was able to get fairly close to the passing train. I know they're working the bugs out still but it's been super cool to see plenty of ALC-42s out here, an increasing number with the phase VII livery.

Here are some recent shots on my Flickr:

I don't own a car so I'm somewhat limited to where I can camp out. I was wondering if anyone had some tips on where to go for other urban Amtrak shots that are walkable/bikeable/busable in the city? How are y'all tracking the trains? I've been using the Track-Your-Train map from the AMTK website but it's so flaky and hard to use on a phone.

Cheers and may the light be in your favor!