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May 28, 2019
You raise a good point. If the bus service had kept its share of riders, there should be six round trips a day between Salem and Silverton, with four round trips continuing to Mt. Angel. So, for example, there could be an evening trip for night classes at Chemeketa?

I also note that there are only three round trips on Saturdays, so no service increase despite population doubling.

On the other hand, perhaps Silverton has more services and retailing now than it did before, so there is less reason to "go into town." Seniors might be more willing to drive around Silverton than to go into Salem.

Silverton does have a lot of services---in fact, it is kind of at the perfect size where all the basic services someone would want are present, (including what looks to be a modern hospital under expansion), but it is still small enough that it hasn't turned into sprawl, and people in the community can probably know each other.
And like a lot of smaller towns, it probably is more keyed to retirees and seniors.
But that is one of the things I think about---if you have just graduated high school and want to go to community college in a town like Silverton, even though Chemeketa is only about 10 miles away, that requires a separate car. I imagine that in many towns like that in the area, there are lots of young people that can't even get a community college education because of that. That is just one example, but it shows what a gulf there is between being a young person in Silverton, and being in the same situation in Salem.