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Dec 18, 2007
suburban Chicago (Deerfield)
...or, you can't get theah from heah. :)

Apparently, it's not only the Amtrak website that fails to list certain viable connections or transfers. I was looking at the VIA website as a relative asked about traveling from Windsor to Ottawa. After I answered their question, I idly searched for Sarnia to Ottawa, but the schedule search says that isn't a possible trip. Ditto for Ottawa to Sarnia.

Thankfully, the VIA website also has timetables of a sort. There's only one round trip between Sarnia and Toronto, but there are three Toronto-Ottawa round trips that leave/arrive Toronto with at least an hour to transfer to/from the Sarnia service. 🤔

So why doesn't the schedule search pick up Sarnia-Ottawa as a viable connection? Do all the connections have to be manually input as in Amtrak's system?