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Aug 6, 2023

Mrs. - I’m married
Redleg - someone who crews cannons
Texian - what Texans were called originally during the fight for independence and nationhood (1835ish - 1845ish)

My husband is one of the leading cannoneers in the Texas Revolutionary reenactment community. He trains state agencies how to safely use cannons in addition to being the manager of a historical park.

I love photographing and working on the cannons so it’s a good way for me to show my connection to him and the community.


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Train Attendant
Oct 3, 2023
North Carolina
This is a fun thread! My username comes from the old Omaha Road--otherwise known as the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha Railway, which was a wholly owned subsidiary railroad of the Chicago & North Western for most of its existence. Although the 'Omaha's' trackage ultimately included a number of lines in Wisconsin, specifically to Elroy, WI along with various parts of western and northern WI, and a line to Mitchell, SD, its signature route was, of course, St. Paul, MN to Omaha, NE, via Sioux City.

I grew up along the Omaha's erstwhile St. Paul and Sioux City Division, in a house about three blocks from the tracks. I always enjoyed the lonely, yet adventurous sound of the train at night, seeing the trains (now UP) go by, and the activity in the train yard, which is one of the (relatively speaking) larger ones between the Twin Cities and Sioux City. Of course, there's not be passengers service there since the mid to late 50s, though MN activists would like to someday see the St. Paul-Omaha route restored mainly on the same trackage, or even a route to Sioux Falls via the line that once stretched to Mitchell. The latter is a pipe dream, but hey, if *I* won the Powerball or otherwise came into $, you betcha that my rich-person vanity project would be to start a non-Amtrak passenger train service through my old hometown!😁

So, my username is definitely a fun and nostalgic one, and I'm glad I chose it!
Sep 2, 2021
The Real Maine (East of Ellsworth)
Somewhat self explanatory. I live in Maine and I like trains especially the (now rare unfortunately) times I get to ride Amtrak, although I do have a Downeaster + MBTA trip to Rhode Island coming up this month. There are no train tracks anywhere near where I now live, the easternmost town in the USA, but there are ships and boats a plenty which is some consolation.