Where do the engineer and conductors go after final destination?

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Curious, do they sleep in the Amfleet or they get to leave the train and stay at a hotel?

If anyone stays at hotel, has anyone been late for work or missed their the next day?


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Oct 7, 2018
They leave the train and go to hotels when they are at their “out” stations. Crew districts are defined for normal operations.

The railroads are very strict callout rules for operating crews. But people are people and can get sick or have other issues. So in that case they will need to call in and “lay-off” the trip.

Here is a map of the defined/normal ops crew districts.



Jan 11, 2008
Some crews will layover in hotels, and some will take a return trip to their home terminal. It depends on where the crew is based.

For instance, crews on the NEC will either take a trip back to their crew base, or deadhead back. Meaning they're on the train and not working.

Crews on a train from say DC to Raleigh will overnight in Raleigh and take a train back the next day.

If someone is sick, then said person will call their Crew Management Desk and "mark off". Some railroads are stricter then others. More so freight then passenger service.


Mar 22, 2011
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