Where is Amtrak amid the wide spectrum of American Priorities?

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20th Century Rider

Lead Service Attendant
Jan 26, 2020
The nation is in the midst of crisis after crisis that are bringing priorities for what resources we have as a nation. Just where does Amtrak's fit into all of this?

Race Relations
Environmental Crisis
The Election
Health Services
Housing and Urban Growth
Food Production

Transportation appears to be relatively low priority at this moment as travel is down.
Transportation priorities…

Urban transit
High Density Metro areas transit
National Roads and Bridges Maintenance
Air System infrastructure

Transit Policy Priorities 2020 according to DOT

Opportunity and Connectivity
Infrastructure [includes PTC]

“The Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act or "FAST Act”

On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed into law the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, or “FAST Act.” It is the first law enacted in over ten years that provides long-term funding certainty for surface transportation, meaning States and local governments can move forward with critical transportation projects, like new highways and transit lines, with the confidence that they will have a Federal partner over the long term.”

Would a Biden presidency would renew and support this act?


OBS Chief
Feb 19, 2016
He would certainly WANT to. His history and public statements on the topic are proof.

Covid has consumed trillions in unanticipated debt, so no one really knows how MANY diverse issues will be funded going forward.

20th Century Rider

Lead Service Attendant
Jan 26, 2020
Outside the NEC, probably close to the very bottom.
Unfortunately that seems to be true. Amidst all that's going on not many are thinking about what Amtrak is serving it's customers or do they care about three day journeys across the west on the train. Moreover, teachers going back to teach this fall are worried about getting sick from the virus; folks are losing their jobs, places of worship are having to rethink how they will get together, professional sports are taking a hit... and so much more. These are difficult times with real priorities.