Where should one change planes? London or New York? or somewhere else?

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Dec 4, 2012
UK / France
Everyone I know of who has entered or transited through the UK has had to provide proof of vaccination along with going through a separate screening process that seems to change every other week.

Yes both places are open, but France from what I have heard is "more open"
Agree completely


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Apr 14, 2008
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Ah, I figured that you had some local knowledge at some point. Since you lived in the 'dena, it'll be of value to you that I live in Odenton - easy shot to BWI or the MARC station, and a quick jaunt on 32 over to 95 and beyond to that other airport. Probably explains some of the differences in our experiences. We settled here to give my then-girlfriend-now-wife access to all of the local job markets (that worked out, as she's worked in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, and DC in the 16 years we've been here).

I'm not from CT (lifelong Marylander, save for a stint in Blacksburg and Norfolk), but I probably drive in the way that you describe. :D


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May 29, 2014
Chicago area
There was a weather problem in the airspace over NY, and resulting massive flight congestion. And they really didn't do much of anything to manage the passengers. By contrast, when we got to Heathrow, we'd been marked as "tight connection" passengers and were promptly escorted.
Another place where tight connections get prioritized is Schipol (Amsterdam). A few years back, we were connecting from a flight from the U.S. to another Schengen (European combined immigration area) destination. As such, we needed to clear Immigration (passport check) but not Customs (baggage) or security. Connection was scheduled at 55 minutes which seems insanely short. At Immigration, our flight was posted on the "departing soon" priority list. Through Immigration with no delay, had time to hit an ATM for Euros, and at the gate before boarding even started.