Why not remote agents for many unmanned stations?

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Mar 30, 2011
What percentage of the smaller stations actually belong to Amtrak? Very often, they are a tenant, and any ability to share space, sub lease space, or engage in additional business lines are likely subject to landlord negotiations...

But in many cases the landlord will appreciate the Amtrak service as this is the anchor that justifies many other uses. Without a train service, it ceases to be a station and is just as good as any other random commercial building (and with more and more trade moving to the internet, many smaller cities have a glut of commercial buildings these days that nobody wants to rent). There is thus huge value in having a location that has some additional attraction Sometimes even stations that no longer see service are redeveloped in such a way that trains can still stop there should the need arise. Developers and landowners understand and see this need.

I thus think that they will also be amenable to Amtrak's needs and seek to accodate them within reason.


Nov 14, 2007
Whatever siding I'm sitting on!
What about a case like my home station, FED.

Yes there is an actual station building, but it is now occupied by a separate business. and they are not open at train times. There is not even any indoor seating - only benches outside. So where are they to put all this equipment necessary? yes the trains in FED are between 9 am and 6 pm, but how about if the 6 pm train is very late and does not arrive until 10 pm? Is that (private) business to stay open so the few Amtrak passengers can get to the machine?

And how about the stops that have only an Amshack or the stops at 1 am or 4 am? I doubt many private businesses would be open or willing to open in the middle of the night!