Winter Park Ski Train Experience

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Service Attendant
Jan 26, 2015
My wife and I took the Ski Train trip from Denver to Winter Park today.  They are running it on Fridays for a few weeks this year in addition to the Saturday and Sunday schedule.   Even though it was a Friday, the train was completely sold out and filled.

A timely trip in both directions with the usual excellent scenery.   Had to leave Winter Park somewhat late to allow the behind-schedule Eastbound Zephyr to go through the Moffett Tunnel first, but we made up the time before our Denver arrival.

The staff was very friendly and cordial, and seemed to be a combination of Amtrak employees and volunteers.  Weather was cold but sunny and we enjoyed our 7 hours in Winter Park even though neither of us still skis.

Standard SuperLiner observation car with cafe below.   A reduced menu in the cafe, but everything hungry skiers and partiers need, including microbrew beer, wine and bloody Marys.  

Overall a pleasant trip, and good to see that the service seems to be very popular now.  Our senior roundtrip price was $58 each.


Train Attendant
Apr 9, 2015
I was on the express the first weekend it ran this season and enjoyed the enthusiasm and friendliness of the staff. When the conductor scanned our tickets (3 of us on same itinerary) he paused and asked which of us was the 3 star Amtrak customer. I guess that was a reference to my guest rewards level? He thanked me and shook my hand. I never had that happen before or even knew they had that happen before.

On the Sunday return I was sure they would shove the late running Zephyr ahead of us but they held them at Frasier and hurried us on board at at Winter Park so they could get into the tunnel and off the mainline. The Zephyr chased us all the way into Denver, as we zig zagged down under the tunnel district I caught glimpses of it heading opposite directions every switchback.

It wasn’t completely sold out, but very full. I really enjoyed the narration and commentary from the volunteers and even the conductor. I actually learned a few things I had missed on my many previous trips on that line.