WPK-TPA-WPK 8/29/08

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Jun 18, 2004
Wendy and I took 91 and 92 on August 29th from Winter Park to Tampa and back. 91 was an hour and a half late but still got us into Tampa in time to take the TECO trolley to Ybor City and eat lunch at the Columbia restaurant, which was excellent as usual. Only one engine on 91. 92 was a few minutes late into Tampa but made it back to WPK only a half hour or so late. 92 had two engines, which was a good thing, since one of them kept going offline, apparently. Coach in both cases were in good shape, with 120V outlets, one for each seat. Quite a few folks were taking advantage of that with laptops or DVD players. At ORL the A/C cut off, (it sure gets quiet in coach when the A/C stops) and it was still that way at WPK when we detrained. I don't know if the engine problems had anything to do with that or not. My guess would be that they were going to swap out that engine at SFA, but since we got off at WPK I don't know if they did or not. Anyway, a very pleasant trip.