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May 24, 2010
Are you an "everything but the kitchen sink" or a "minimalist" kinda' packer?
Everything is travel sized and small enough to carry-on but a bit too dense to be minimalist.

1. Duct tape (yeah, I know the gaffers tape argument).
What's the argument for sticking with duct tape?

One time, I had less than 2 minutes to board and was running full speed to make it. At the checkpoint, the agent(s) told the other passengers to step aside for the runner and they did. They let me run right through.
I used to park at the airport 30 minutes before departure as late as 2001 and still miss those days.

My trips are normally 10 Days. What I like to do is pack for 5 days. Half way through the trip I hit the Laundry Mat. It works out great for me.
Ten days is a good sweet spot for wage earners and office workers. Even on the other side of the planet you can enjoy eight days vacation at the cost of five working days (plus a run of laundry) if you time it right.
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May 17, 2021
Dayton, OH
My 10-day trip is now just three months away and I'm so excited. I've only traveled by car for the last decade so I appreciate all of the packing tips I've read here. I will be a minimalist packer (a la Rick Steves) as I will be flying back from California.


Train Attendant
May 21, 2018
We typically do 10-day trips, and I pack reasonably light, but do bring enough clothing for the entire trip. I fill our days that aren't on the train completely full of sightseeing and tours, so don't want to waste time doing laundry, which is a chore I get enough of at home. I have a wheelie suitcase that's just slightly too large to count as a carry-on on an airplane, a toiletry bag, and a tote bag that serves as my "train bag" if we are in a roomette where my suitcase doesn't fit.

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