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I have been a railfan all my life. My first Amtrak trip was in 2010 with my wife who has moved on to be with the lord.😥 Together we had rode almost every route twice and some more. We never got to ride the Acela though. After she left and the points system changed I've only taken a few trips. We always traveled sleeper and loved the folks we met on the train.
What are the subjects and dates for your technical books? I could be interested email me at ghharris44 <at> yahoo. Or call: 850-208-1520. Specifically I am a civil engineer that has spent most of my working life dealing with railroad and most specifically alignment and track issues. (Need a weird turnout in a non-standard rail section? I can design you one.)

Excited to be taking my first ever train trip on Monday, from Chicago to Denver on the California Zephyr. I'm a little confused by the room numbers, and I'm pretty sure I got a "bad one"going both ways, as I booked last minute. Does anyone have experience with train 5 car 540 Room 17, or train 6 car640 room 21? Thanks in advance y'all!
Sorry that nobody got to you, how was it?
I am currently booked on the Texas Eagle CHI - LAX. It should arrive at 5:35 a.m. in LAX. I know we will probably be late. I leave the same day on the Southwest Chief at 6:00 p.m. LAX - CHI. Any suggestions on what I can see in Los Angeles in the short time I am there? I will not have a car.
Hi, welcome ! Please read Post # 23 about tipping.
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I paid $19 if I remember correctly for full access to the forum. If it's time to renew, let me know. I do not know where post #23 is...
My post regarding Amtrak renaming flex dining as traditional dining is simply a joke. TW
Your 1952 map is potentially very useful, so do please contact me via AT Many of Timetable World best contributors choose to remain hidden behind nicknames, but the integrity of the website requires me to know who is providing material. I hope you'll join us.
I have exactly the same problem -- guar gum allergy -- and have been fighting with Amtrak over getting ingredients lists for years now. Please contact me at ncn_mail10 (at) fastmail (dot) fm. The mods have previously asked me to take some of my discussions off the board so I would like to discuss this over email.
LSL, Pioneer, Desert Wind, CS, EB, San Diegan, SC, Capitol, Cardinal, Silver Star/Meteor; Alaskan Railroad; Switzerland Golden Pass
I have family in Selah, How far is that from Pasco?
Selah is about an hour from Pasco, easy drive up I-82.