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I have family in Selah, How far is that from Pasco?
Selah is about an hour from Pasco, easy drive up I-82.
Excited to be an active member! Also just joined the Rail Society at Silver to get my 30K Amtrak Points. On the Cardinal now from DC to WV
Weekly Amtrak Traveler for work and play, from Biz class Amtrak to Acela to (soon to be launched new!!!!; finally) sleepers....
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I'm new to the forum and wasn't sure how to invite others so please forgive me if I didn't do this right.
I understand there is no-smoking policy. My husband unfortunately smokes cigarettes. He would never break the rule. What I am asking is there stops made every couple hours for those that smoke? He would wear nicotine patches the rest of the time. any tips or information?
Where did you come up with that jewel? Although I know most of the songs by heart, I would love to get an audio copy of that recording my disc disappeared long ago (probably about the time I got married - lots of things seemed to disappear one she moved in 50 years ago.. If you have the time and inclination, you can email the files to me at
Great seeing you again and meeting your lovely bride! Thanks Tony! Let me know if yall get to Austin! Jom
Thanks. Had a blast. Glad you and Tisha met.
Hi Jim,
Yes, big game for UT this weekend. I think they have a shot at beating Oklahoma if they play well. OSU has a bye week this Saturday and then a Friday night game at NW in Chicago.
Claudia is not coming since her health issues from earlier this year and inability to ride long distances on the train will keep her at home this time. Look forward to seeing you on Friday PM in Dallas.
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Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Sorry to hear about Claudia!

Yall enjoy OKC, I really enjoyed my trip this Summer since I was Shocked how much they've fixed up Downtown OKC from the Old Days!

The Flyer is a nice ride, look for the Arkansas River on the left side on the way up if it's still Light, right side on the way back.

Lots of nice farms and small towns too, not the Oklahoma most people think of!

See ya in Big D!!!
Hi Jim, I see you are heading to Dallas for the Gathering. I will be arriving on Thursday PM but plan to go on to FTW and ride on the HF to OKC that evening and return on Friday. Believe Penny and Shanghai are going as well. Where are you staying in Dallas. I was torn between HGI and Hampton downtown. Free Breakfast vs close to DART lines. Still trying to decide.
RRB Ashland, Oh
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Hi Bill! I 'll be sharing a Room with Chris D @ the Hilton near American Airlines Center on the Dart Route

Coming on Thursday from Austin on 22/422 with some AU friends, will return on #21/421 on Monday since I have to work that week @ UT. Will not be going to OKC. Is Claudia coming with you?

Looks like OSU is rolling, Texas and Oklahoma play Saturday, it's always a War!!
Hi Dave,
Are you planning to come to the Gathering in Dallas? We have had an interesting year with some serious health issues but are feeling better and I will make the trip via CL and TE if things continue to go well. Claudia will not be coming since she has trouble being on the train for longer distances now. Hope things are going well with you and look forward to seeing you if you make the trip.
RR Bill
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