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    Amtrak Twitter Oops?

    Over the many years that I've been riding Amtrak and following things, I've seen many service disruption notices and as luck would have it, I've even been the victim of a few of them. But this is the first time I've ever seen one of these. :lol
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    Long Time Member Joe Hess Has Taken His Final Ride

    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must report the passing of my long time friend and long time AU member Joe Hess. Joe had been a member here for many years, made many friends, helped many people with Amtrak, and had served for many years helping to plan the annual AU...
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    Thinking about AlanB

    What my poor car looks like .
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    Thinking about AlanB

    Hah!! Alas, this client is a hour away by driving. By train it requires a subway ride, a Metro North ride, and a bus ride and close to 2-1/2 hours of travel time. But I do wish I could take the train there!!!
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    Amtrak Train 91-CSX collision in SC (2/4/18)/Liability issues

    Then it's been moved is the last few years, because I was in the office a few years ago when our Gathering group got a yard & tower tour.
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    Amtrak Train 91-CSX collision in SC (2/4/18)/Liability issues

    Correct, Amtrak owns from just east of the Lumber Street Bridge through to Union Station, and AFAIk out the other side (north) of Union Station up to the diamonds where the tracks cross the leads coming out of Olgilvie Station. They also own a small bit of track running west, basically the wye...
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    Viewliner II - Part 1 - Initial Production and Delivery

    I can assure you that Dutchrailnut doesn't condone trespassing! He's been a railroad man for many years and is well aware of all the carnage that has occurred on the tracks because people have trespassed.
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    Amtrak Autumn Excursion 2016 - 10/29 & 30 - Confirmed

    Still not working via the website; although the website is operational. Booked my tix via the App, a pain since it only remembers my info. Had to type in all the info for my mom.
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    Allentown Service

    I was out visiting my sister this weekend in Allentown and on our way back from watching a band festival, since I wasn't driving, I took a good look at things. While it would probably not be possible to restore through service to the Allentown station; there would be no major problem restoring...
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    Senators want to ensure TSA protects trains, buses and ports

    Jishnu's post that you quoted was in response to KmH's post at the top of the page. Knowing Jishnu IRL, and knowing that he's a frequent world traveler both for business & personal travel, I can assure you that he knows what security is like around the globe.
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    Transition Sleeper room locations

    That is correct, there are a few Trans/Dorms that don't have an H room. The majority do have the H room; but I believe a few of the earliest off the line were configured instead with a men's bathroom, with attached shower and a ladies powder room with attached shower in place of the H room.
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    viewliner carry ons

    The rolling suitcase that I normally travel with is 14 inches wide, stands 23 inches tall, and is 7 inches thick. If I had two of those bags, I could just barely fit both of them side by side in the cubbyhole above the hall. The same sized bag can also fit underneath your seats. One bag could...
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    Cocktails on PPC

    Business class is allowed into the PPC on the Coast Starlight.
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    Allentown Service

    Well NJT has said more than once that the Lackawana cutoff isn't exactly a priority for them, they have bigger fish to fry. Projects that benefit more NJ residents than the Lack cutoff. But they are moving towards it, even if it is slowly. That said, it's not like PA is exactly rushing to do...
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    Allentown Service

    The primary user for any Allentown service would be commuter rail; which would most likely be run by NJT assuming financial help from PA. I don't think that Amtrak is really interested in running service from Allentown to NY. I read things as Amtrak was offering to run a demonstration train to...