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Excited to be taking my first ever train trip on Monday, from Chicago to Denver on the California Zephyr. I'm a little confused by the room numbers, and I'm pretty sure I got a "bad one"going both ways, as I booked last minute. Does anyone have experience with train 5 car 540 Room 17, or train 6 car640 room 21? Thanks in advance y'all!
I am currently booked on the Texas Eagle CHI - LAX. It should arrive at 5:35 a.m. in LAX. I know we will probably be late. I leave the same day on the Southwest Chief at 6:00 p.m. LAX - CHI. Any suggestions on what I can see in Los Angeles in the short time I am there? I will not have a car.
Hi, welcome ! Please read Post # 23 about tipping.
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I paid $19 if I remember correctly for full access to the forum. If it's time to renew, let me know. I do not know where post #23 is...