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I am curious about bag sizes. My storage (large) bag is 30”X18”X10”. Can I carry this on and use the lower storage rack?
Here is what Amtrak says:
Jacksonville, Florida. LOVE Amtrak! Been on the Southwest Chief from Toledo - LA; I forget the name from Toledo to Atlantic City; the Capitol Limited from Washington DC to Toledo; the Palmetto/Silver Star/Meteor from (Savannah) Jax to NYC and back; and the Silver (something) from Jax to Kissimmee!

I noticed you have some interests in background of passenger trains.
I have some fresh Dutch maps. They are not to be shared in public, but you may like to glance over them. If you want them, please mail me at [email protected].

Rainy regards from Rotterdam,

I have been a railfan all my life. My first Amtrak trip was in 2010 with my wife who has moved on to be with the lord.😥 Together we had rode almost every route twice and some more. We never got to ride the Acela though. After she left and the points system changed I've only taken a few trips. We always traveled sleeper and loved the folks we met on the train.