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I was raised in a military family. I'm well traveled. Was exposed to rail travel in Europe as a child. Not so much in the US except light rail within large cities.

During my working time I was a road warrior and flew commercial air for years. It was fun for a long time but became too burdensome after 9/11. The hassles of air travel actually helped me make the decision to retire. Most of my travel now (local and long distance), has been confined to the automobile because I detest the hassle of flying.

I have grandchildren living in Texas and California and want to visit them but don't want to fly, so I am going to travel by train. I'll be taking my first long haul train trip in late February or early March.

I just started learning the AmTrak web site and discovered scheduling can be somewhat tricky but I'm sure folks in this community will lend me a hand when I have questions.

Thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to new adventures on the rails.