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    Superliner Trans-Dorm roomettes

    All I can tell you, like all things Amtrak, is "It Depends!"( a Lawyers phrase😄) Since there are several different configurations of Transdorms, you won't know till you board what type you'll be in, and it will depend on the Crew also. Sometimes you have your own Atttendant, sometimes the SCA...
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    Discussing a trip around the Western Rail loop of the US.

    Also staying by the Airport and using the very good Link Light Rail to/from Seattle is much cheaper!
  3. Bob Dylan

    Alternative ways to accumulate AGR points?

    IINM you can't transfer them anymore, but several of our members have Hilton Status ( its been several years since I did)now and hopefully will update us!
  4. Bob Dylan

    Who in the world are you?

    Thanks for your Service Sir!( RM2/USN- only served 4 years) Good to see another Austinite on AU!!!
  5. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak dining

    At least it wasn't a Flex Omelete!😉
  6. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak dining

    The Burgers served in Amtrak Diners are Prepared Patties that can be Heated in a Convection Oven, and to my knowledge usually are, they are not Grilled..
  7. Bob Dylan

    Pennsylvanian (coach vs business)?

    It has been every time I've been in BC. If you want the best view of the Horseshoe Curve, sit on the Right side going East to Philly/New York and the Left going West to Pittsburg.( although it gets Dark too early in the Winter going West, especially if there are Delays)
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    Amtrak dining

    That's because it could be heated in the Convection Oven. Steaks,Eggs and French Toast require a Grill to properly prepare in Train Kitchens.
  9. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak dining

    I've had Pizza ( National Chain and Mom andPop),KFC and Subway on LD Trains when there were food problems, and Amstew many times! The only time I've gone hungry on Amtrak Trains was as a Coah Passenger when we weren't allowed in the Diner and the Cafe was out of what I considered edible or...
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    Discussing a trip around the Western Rail loop of the US.

    Welcome to AU, great to see another Texan here. ( I live in Austin) I had a great trip last year on the Eagle/Heartland Flyer to Oklahoma City for a Get-Away trip. As niemi24 said, connecting Same Day from the Starlight to the Sunset Ltd/Texas Eagle is iffy, especially with the Starlight...
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    VIA Rail Canadian + Empire Builder loop trip

    As GAT said, be sure and eat some Fish and Chips while you're there! They just taste better in Stanley Park!😊
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    Texas State Railroad/ A Trip back in Time

    PART III: Return to Palestine and Home Before we Highballed for Palestine after the F-9 returned ( and sadly hooked up to our Platform although we could still see out the sides), we talked with the Conductor,( only 1, but there's also a Trainman and the Engineer who worked 30 years for SP and...
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    Texas State Railroad/ A Trip back in Time

    YEP, they are the Deeply Padded Big Old Timey Leather Chairs!🥰
  14. Bob Dylan

    Texas State Railroad/ A Trip back in Time

    PART II: Texas State Raiilroad For those interested in Info, Equipment and Pictures from the TSRR, please Google Waking up Early ( I still ger excited after 70+ years before taking Trips), I went to the Birds Egg Cafe, had a Leisurly Wonderful Breakfast of...
  15. Bob Dylan

    Texas State Railroad/ A Trip back in Time

    Part I: A drive to the Piney Woods of East Texas Tired of the continously Blow Torch Heat here in Austin, and unwilling to suffer on a Plane ride to California, I booked a Trip on the Texas State Railroad in East Texas.( my 5th such trip) Leaving Austin Bright and Early ( 10 AM😄)I rolled...