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    Two ‘Cardinal’ veterans look back at rewarding careers

    Another Jewel rides off into Retirement! 😟
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    Close call at a grade crossing

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    VIA Service Cuts 2022 version

    Wonder if Amtrak will follow suit?( at least VIA isn't Cancelling Trains for Months @ a time like Amtrak is doing!( with more to come per posts on Rail Forums).
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    Thoughts on The Zephyr in January...

    The Best of the Best , going West is the way to go. 😎 Hopefully you'll be in a Roomette ( or Bedroom if you can afford it) and get a good fare.( Low Bucket).If your Dates are flexible, you should go on the days that have the lowest fare ( amtrak. com) With traditional Dinning returning to the...
  5. Bob Dylan and stories about Amtrak trips

    It's called "Bait and Switch" Joe!
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    Amtrak cancellations (Dec. 2021 - 1Q2022)

    You could take the Lake Shore Limited to New York, it's the "clean up" Train for Eastern Connections
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    Superliner upper bunk

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    Chicago Twin Cities second daily service

    Thanks Sarah, I always heard that Horizions don't do well in the Cold but those of you who live up North know!
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    Chicago Twin Cities second daily service

    Wonder if the Horizons will be able to survive the Cold up that way?
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    Amtrak Weighs Shifting Credit-Card Portfolio Away From BofA

    Wells Fargo, Noooooooo!!!😱
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    US grounded planes as a 'precaution' after a North Korean missile launch

    This sounds like the crazy stuff they did on the West Coast the day after Pearl Harbor in 1941!!🤪
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    Gateway Project/NYP Capacity Improvement

    Be surprised if it's finished On Time and on Budget!
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    Newark Penn Station cleanup and upgrade

    Badly needed as we all know! Classic Station that has been neglected for years!
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    Damaged cafe car on Silver Star 91

    At least there's 2 LSAs on the Train unlike the poor Staff on the Orphan Trains that make 1 LSA serve Speeper Passengers their Meals as well as run the Cafe in their " Spare Time". Keep us updated, it'll be good to get back to where it's warm I'm sure!😉