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    Amtrak's 50th Year Message - "New Year, New Enhancements"

    I also don't recall any Stations Pre- Amtrak that had First Class Lounges or Waiting Rooms, although as Willbridge said, there were Ladies waiting Rooms ( and South of the Mason Dixon Line Seperate " Colored" Waiting Rooms.) Other things most Major Stations had included Restuarants,Coffee...
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    Amtrak Dining

    Hopefully there will be places Open around Union Station during you're layover!!!???
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Dont forget the Superliners!!!
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    Late Texas Eagle/422(02)

    Only once in my 50 years!!!! of riding on Amtrak have I been given comped Hotel,Transportation and Meal Money for more than One night due to missed Connections. That was in Chicago when there was massive Flooding on the Eagle Route around St Louis and in Arkansas on the Eagle Route. I was...
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    Late Texas Eagle/422(02)

    Today's #422(22) just departed Austin 3 +hours Late due to a 4+ Hour Late #2 into San Antonio this morning! Small consist, no Sightseer Lounge or Transdorm. Heavy UP Freight congestion on the AUS-Taylor and BNSF TPL-FTW will probably cause more delays.
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    Amtrak Dining

    Some hope, but well see once we get a handle on the Pandemic and what the opposition in Congress does!!???
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    Sleeper train revival in Europe

    As I await being able to visit Ontario again, I hope that theyll decide on a good Transportation plan for both sides of the border. I know GO will have a good plan, can't say the same for Amtrak or the State of New York! I look for the Maple Leaf to disappear, and all the Rail on the Niagara...
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    Amtrak Dining

    You probably won't have time to go to Dennys during the Switching in Ssn Antonio from #2 to #22 as the Sunset Ltd is usually Late into SA. Southbound on #21/#421 is different with the 3-4 Hour Dwell time. The Eagle ( #422/#22) leaves for Chicago @ 7am after the quick switching.
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    WDW 50th Anniversary Trip!

    Most of us who have been on this Route agree with this!
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    Sleepers on NE Regional #66 and #67

    I enjoyed riding in the New Haven Parlor Cars many times when I was stationed in New London,Conn.
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    Sleeper Pricing?

    I would think the good folks in India would react the same way since Trains are such an important part of India's Daily life!
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    Egypt Signs HSR Deal with Siemens

    Let's hope Amtrak Joe can cut deals with Congress to get his Infastructure Plan enacted which includes plenty of Transportation money.
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    The obsession with the past is hurting the future of passenger rail

    Portland( Oregon) has a good set up @ the Airport also. Were hopeful that when the New Line to the Austin Airport is built it will terminate next to or even in the Terminal.
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    Are they shutting down the NEC (or parts of it) next week?

    Story on Yahoo News that Amtrack Regional Trains WILL Terminste @ Union Station, not New Carrelton or Baltimore. As has been discussed here, the Metro stop @ Union Station will not be open and no Taxis or Ride Share vehicles will be sllowed. Traffic patterns are all altered with Security...
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    Amtrak Dining

    How much are they cutting the Prices, such as what Amtrak is doing, No Wait------