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    Amtrak Dining

    The VIA entrees I had on the Ocean Were similar in quality to flex dining. The biggest improvements were a bowl of soup and slice of cake (similar to traditional dining on Amtrak today). And of course you actually had a waiter and real silverware. I’m not really sure if there would be any cost...
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    2021 Infrastructure Bill

    I think the bill the Senate passed includes too much funding for highways. Unlike most, I’m okay with the House sitting on it to get it right. What we really can’t afford to do is continue pouring money into new roads if we want to tackle CO2 emissions and make the train a viable alternative.
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    Metro North, failure to enforce mask rules.

    I've ridden Tri-Rail some the past few months and I've noticed pretty good compliance. Not 100%, but usually it's only 1 or 2 people at the most. Tri-Rail contracts out their security/fare inspection and when they do their walkthrough they instruct those not wearing a mask to put one on. Of...
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    Does Amtrak Have a "Last Mile" problem on corridor routes?

    That can be true of an airport as well. The problem is the development pattern in many (most) US Cities, especially those in the south and sunbelt region, have been built around the car. That will have to change if we really want to reduce fossil fuel dependency, and an infrastructure bill...
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    Excellent offer for Amtrak Mastercard

    I think you should contact Bank of America. Worse they can say is no.
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    I believe the new trainsets will be delivered by that link.
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    Excellent offer for Amtrak Mastercard

    You get the points back after. Another benefit to the card is 1,000 TQP for every $5,000 you spend (on any purchase).
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    SW Chief Route scenery questions...

    Chicago to Flagstaff is pretty scenic. I’ve done the trip westbound twice and don’t think you miss too much west of there other than Cajon Pass.
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    Excellent offer for Amtrak Mastercard

    Since there is a minimum spending requirement to receive the bonus I believe it’s considered a rebate and not taxable.
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    Viewliner II on Silver Service?

    I’ve been on a few Viewliner I’s with broken A/C (fortunately all broke on day 2 so we were easily accommodated in other rooms/cars). Actually, one of those instances was my bedroom’s A/C not working but the roomettes in the same car did.
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    Rising like, uh, Phoenix?

    Austin, eBART, the new Cotton Belt Line in Dallas, and the new Arrow line in Redlands, California also use Stadler DMUs. The US DMU market isn’t exactly huge, but what’s there is mostly filled by Stadler. The only exceptions I can think of still in revenue service are TriMet, Sprinter, and SMART.
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    Rising like, uh, Phoenix?

    Probably because Stadler DMUs seem to be the most prevalent modern DMU in the US.
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    PDF Ticket

    If you have an Amtrak Guest Rewards account you can go to Trips on the AGR page and send the ticket to yourself. You can also click Modify Trips on the top of the Amtrak webpage, enter in the Reservation # then either your phone number/email/last name, and send the PDF ticket that way as well.
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    Amtrak BidUp (Bidding for Upgrades - Business Class, First Class, and Sleepers)

    Covid probably plays a role into people wanting a room as well.
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    Rising like, uh, Phoenix?

    So has Arizona come out and said they'll cover the operating costs? Will California pay for the train that continues to LA?