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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    I hope that besides refreshing the interiors, they are also doing something about them mechanically to ensure they last until, well, whenever they are finally going to be replaced without causing undue maintenance problems.
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    New Siemens Charger locomotive

    A decade or two of bad maintenance will bring them back to the usual standard
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    Texas Central Railway

    How nice of them to explain what a viaduct is . Will they be describing the train as a caboose I wonder ?
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    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    i agree . But in my view it’s not just about blaming the Cato institute or anybody like that . They are part of the problem of course, but not the whole of the problem . I think Amtrak can also itself be its own worse enemy . In the handling of catering for example. Or in the toleration of...
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    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    But that was in an age that passenger trains were considered to be on their way out. Somewhere in the same category as telegrams and stagecoaches. I think there has already been a shift in attitudes since and give it another decade or two and I believe that shift will be far bigger.
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    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    who knows? The airlines, the auto manufacturers, the banks and many others have at some point required huge bailouts. And they got them because the fallout of letting them fail would have been larger (or so it was claimed) than the costs of bailing them out. Suppose in some years or decades...
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    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    I think many places served by Amtrak, even out on the LD lines, derive notable benefit from being served. New Orleans extended their streetcar to serve the passenger terminal that gets, uh, between two and three arriving trains a day. Lots of people I've met on LD trains were tourists and...
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    What happens to passengers if 22 misses 822 at Fort Worth?

    My wife and I did a late night in the French Quarter once, doing various bars and music venues. I think it was our last night there so we wanted to make the most of it. When finally we decided we had had our fair share, we started to walk back to the hotel. It must have been about 3am. On our...
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    The Tren Maya Might Actually Happen?

    Alstom X'trapolis Alstom to provide X’trapolis fleet for Mayan Train project | International Railway Journal (
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    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    I think examples such as Mexico show that things would only go further downhill . Bus companies would try to pick up the fallout on the LD system . Some might do a good job but others would engage in a race to the bottom. The NEC is of course indispensable and I am sure some way would be found...
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    The Unstoppable Growth of China's High-Speed Rail Network

    T there are obviously places where placing rail lines in the median of a freeway would severely compromise speeds. But this is not true everywhere and there are certainly stretches that are very straight . I don’t think anybody is even remotely suggesting we need to put passenger trains down...
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    Long Station Dwell Times

    Maybe it's similar to the way on say, a greyhound bus, that the driver typically only opens the front door for getting off at the final stop, even if there is a second door. It gives him the opportunity to stand around nonchalantly and hope passengers remember to give him a tip.
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    What happens to passengers if 22 misses 822 at Fort Worth?

    I can well imagine. The French Quarter never really sleeps, although maybe the type of people you are likely to encounter may vary with the time of day.
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    Long Station Dwell Times

    Sometimes longer dwell time may also be required for operational reasons. For example fueling or restocking. Also, if there is serious freight congestion, it may be preferable to have a train sit at the station and wait there for thigs to get sorted, rather than having the train start, run a...
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    Ex-Iowa Pacific / Pullman Cars for sale

    I guess this puts paid to hopes that somebody might emerge and continue where Iowa Pacific had left off and build a small charter / private hire business. How sad.