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    Denver Union Station to Denver Airport Questions

    One other inconvenience on the drive would be the I-25 construction project. If the #6 is delayed for several hours you also face potential lane closures between Castle Rock and Monument, making a late night even later. See
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    Greyhound Bus Lines up for sale

    Ah, the memories. Took my first train ride on the C&NW from Woodruff to Rhinelander. I was just a kid and my parents took us on one of the last runs before they shut down the line in 1971.
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    Best line I've heard on an Amtrak train

    No wonder why Amtrak's on-time performance is so poor. Can you imagine an airline turning around after takeoff to drop off someone who got on the wrong plane? Unfortunately, I've also been on a (already-late) train that waited at a stop for 10 min while looking for someone in the dining car...
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    What's the longest vacation you've taken by train?

    My current long trip is: - Denver to Chicago on the California Zephyr (coach) - Chicago to Pittsburgh on the Capitol Limited (sleeper) - Pittsburgh to Philadelphia on the Pennsylvanian (overnight in Philadelphia) - Philadelphia to D.C. on the Northeast Regional - D.C to Chicago on the Capitol...
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    They Moved Me!

    I've been in the transdorm a couple of times, but personally I prefer a normal sleeper. As mentioned earlier, the attendant is pretty scarce and the dining car attendant forgot about us when taking dinner reservations. The train whistle is noticeably louder as well.