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    Different points for different roomettes?

    Good responses all, new friends, and I managed to book half my trip. For the return trip, from the same agent, I was assured that I could book, using the departure date of the first train of my journey, without regard to departure date of the subsequent trains re whether they were 11 months...
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    Different points for different roomettes?

    Penny, I did think about that and I’ll follow your suggestion. Can you tell me of a good time/day to catch a more experienced agent on duty? This is a 50th anniversary trip and I don’t want anything to go wrong. Thank you.
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    Different points for different roomettes?

    Ok, fellow travelers, help me verify what an AGR agent told me when I called to book a trip. Her software assigned us a roomette upstairs, but when I asked for one downstairs, she told me that would cost me about 17,000 more points, saying that some roomettes are charged more points than others...
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    NOL Amtrak station

    From our experience, you’ll be able to check luggage as soon as you can get to the counter. However, the parts of NOL you’d likely want to see are too far away for you to tour and still make it back by boarding time, which is on the order of 1:15 depending on the length of the line at the track...
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    Can Alexa check AMTRAK schedules?

    When I unboxed my Amazon Echo, within the first 15 minutes I was asking her for the expected arrival of 20 into Atlanta. She was “not sure”. Then I saw the Train Status skill and tried using that. She still was “not sure”. It turns out that I can check LIRR, BART, NY subway, Metro and other...
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    What am I missing, Eastbound on the CZ from Glenwood Springs?

    On one memorable trip EB, the conductor told us at Glenwood that boaters, as the track ran along the Colorado River east of town, were all excited to see the Zephyr approach. He told us the boaters would even give us a “special salute” as the train ran alongside the water. That day, several of...
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    California Zephyr Denver stop

    Most often the CONO will back into CUS but last time it was late enough that it pulled in head end first. Sleepers were on the rear so that was a lonnnnng walk. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    VL II diner on today's NB Crescent?

    I'd love a guarantee that we'll even rt to enjoy a Heritage on 20(9) given the abysmal timekeeping with the 20 trains. The TCL singe-track delays, and the new crowding at ATL and BHM yards, any diner is likely to be closed by the time it reaches ATL station. Sure wish we had an advocate to help...
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    VL II diner on today's NB Crescent?

    We'll be on today's northbound Crescent for WAS, hoping against hope that we'll get to experience one of the new dining cars. If you're along the route from New Orleans, could you please watch and see whether you can spot a new Viewliner 2 diner, then post it here? This may be our last rail...
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    Timekeeping on 19/20

    Here's another related issue: We're on 20 next week and im consistently seeing it arrive in ATL after 9pm. The diner closes at 9pm supposedly although it has been kept open as a courtesy before. Is there a set time when the crew HAS to close to set for breakfast? Trying to determine the ETA that...
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    Timekeeping on 19/20

    Sounds like NS, CSX, and AAR have been feeling their oats lately. Is it time to start calling our Congresscritters?
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    Timekeeping on 19/20

    On quite a number of trips, 20 arrives ATL near or after 9:00 pm. Isn't that when the diner closes? We're going ATL-WAS next month so unless the diner crew stays late, we may have to pack a sandwich along. Can't believe no one knows how to hold CSX feet to the fire.
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    Amsnag not connecting

    The "Fare Watch" button seems to be grayed out. Are they still working on it, or is that feature discontinued?
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Just so long as there's a VL diner on 20 nb from ATL Aug 9 AND we can board before the diner is closed, we can handle anything else
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    Is The Eclipse A Missed Opportunity For Amtrak?

    Afternoon showers we can handle since we get the 2nd diamond ring at 11:25 from our spot, a butte behind Jim Moss Arena in Riverton. Just in case, we found a spot an hour west, and another one at a park along I-25 to the east about 1.5 hours. Crazy to think all the bases are covered but we tried...