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    The South Dakota State Fair

    By the way, to the OP (if you're still around), don't let all the naysayers (myself included) on this thread get you down. As a "just for fun" idea, your proposal is just fine. It *would* be fun to take the train to the state fair, and it is certainly fun to imagine routes, etc. So while your...
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    The South Dakota State Fair

    Amtrak also stops at the North Carolina State Fair, which is along the Piedmont/Carolinian route. I've often thought Amtrak should create a stop for the Oregon State Fair, which runs for 10 days in late summer. The fairgrounds border the tracks that carry the Cascades/Coast Starlight trains. Of...
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    SEPTA to turn off "Passenger Advance Lights" on NHSL

    Interesting, I didn't realize that about the SSL. I've only ridden all the way to/from South Bend from Chicago, so I never really noticed that (although I see it's mentioned on the timetable). Looks like there are only three such stops, whereas on the NHSL technically every stop is a flag stop...
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    SEPTA to turn off "Passenger Advance Lights" on NHSL

    In a rather low-key announcement, SEPTA says that starting Dec. 7, it would be discontinuing the use of "Passenger Advance Lights" on the Norristown High Speed Line. If you've never ridden the NHSL, these are lights on the platform that can be triggered to alert the operator of an incoming...
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    Pennsylvania Turnpike road trip, plus I-83

    I agree that there are privacy concerns, although that could be offset somewhat by making the transponders inactive unless/until the driver activates their account. But I guess that would mean they'd be putting them into tons of vehicles that would never use them, so I can see the argument...
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    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    I can hear (but not see) the Cascades and Coast Starlight from my house. Their horns are distinct from the UP freight locomotives that normally pass through, although knowing the Amtrak schedules also helps me differentiate. I'm about a mile (as the crow flies) from the nearest crossing.
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    Pennsylvania Turnpike road trip, plus I-83

    Some plazas along the PA Turnpike are already cashless (i.e. no toll collectors). The Turnpike says the entire road will be cashless by the fall of 2021. Here's a press release on the Tuscorara Tunnel work.
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    I think a much more likely scenario is that Amtrak will cancel your return trip and leave you with "no alternative transportation." Some airlines are announcing reduced flight schedules for the next couple of months. It's easy to imagine that Amtrak might, too. Some of this could take the form...
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    Instead of Cascade to Vancouver BC ?

    And the ferry doesn't really go to downtown Vancouver, so in reality you are purchasing a bus ticket from Victoria to Vancouver, and a portion of that bus ride takes place on a ferry. If you just want the experience of riding a ferry in the region, there are a number of day trips you can take...
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    NW mudslide season 2019-20

    I'm pretty sure it's a 48-hour post-slide moratorium, not 72 hours.
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    What are the best and worst commuter rails in the U.S.?

    With the exception of the Long Island Rail Road, I don't think there are any commuter rail systems in the US that run 24 hours a day. City transit systems, sure. But not conventional suburb-to-city heavy rail systems. There are a couple of NYC-area lines that come close, notably the NJT's NEC...
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    What are the best and worst commuter rails in the U.S.?

    The dude literally said he's used NJ Transit and hasn't experienced any problems. That could easily be true. Like any commuter rail system, NJT has had their bad days. You wouldn't have to look far to find equally incriminating articles about Metra, SEPTA, Metro-North, etc. People are far more...
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    What are the best and worst commuter rails in the U.S.?

    This is very subjective, and it's hard (IMO) to compare a comprehensive, 7-day a week commuter rail network to a niche system like VRE that operates peak-only service on a couple of lines.
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    Why does the Coast Starlight go east of the Cascades?

    Under normal conditions, staying on I-5 is much faster, although the difference is probably less for an 18-wheeler.