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    Unmasked NYPD Officers assault NYC Subway rider asking them to mask up @ 8th Street 10/19

    I don't know New York but it's hard to believe it's different from Boston where masks are required on all trains, buses, subways, and in all MBTA stations and any enclosed public spaces and anywhere you can't maintain a safe distance indoors or out. I hope someone got their badge numbers and...
  2. John Santos

    Ray Suarez Tweets About NEC

    Ray Suarez is a well-regarded journalist with PBS. Often on Washington Week in Review and similar shows. According to @AmtrakNECAlerts, yesterday evening 166 stopped while approaching Trenton due to debris on the tracks. It seems to have been approximately on time. (The alert was posted 19...
  3. John Santos

    Catching the train in Seattle

    If the tickets have QR code (a sort of 2-dimensional bar code square array of black and white marks) then a screen shot should work just fine. That's normally what they (i.e. anybody issuing electronic tickets) uses these days. Each one is unique, they are very hard to forge, and the scanning...
  4. John Santos

    Baggage Racks

    Never had any problem with anyone messing with, opening or stealing from my luggage on the rack. Nor have I ever heard of anyone else having such problems. There is really nothing to lock a piece of luggage to; the rack has solid shelves and sides. People need to move things around to get...
  5. John Santos

    Another Chicago baggage question

    I wonder if it is possible to check luggage at a later point in the trip? If you are boarding at a smaller station with no checked baggage, but another station en-route does have checked baggage, if you could arrange to hand off your bag at that station to the baggage attendant and check it the...
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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    I've been represented by Hugh Louis Dewey for many years, highly recommend the firm. He only takes 33% of any settlements (plus expenses, of course. I usually end up having to pay him...)
  7. John Santos

    The North South Connect

    Amtrak has to share facilities with local transit in Boston and New York (and everywhere else) and this is A GOOD THING. Amtrak DOES very much need the Hudson River tunnels. The current tunnels may well become permanently flooded by the next 100 year storm, which now occur every ten years or...
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    Train speed weirdness

    That was kinda my point ;)
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    Train speed weirdness

    You seem to be assuming the US will somehow WIN if it can convince other countries to switch back to our random mishmash of units. The US has no interest in convincing other countries to switch. Not switching to metric is pure inertia. We are used to the current system and there is no benefit...
  10. John Santos

    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    One thing NASA discovered way back during the Gemini program in the 1960's was how useful putting handles and handrails on everything is when you don't have stable gravity to hold you and things in place. It was only on the final Gemini flight that they put it all together and Buzz Aldrin (a...
  11. John Santos

    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Hmm, by "High Speed", I meant 100-110mph, not true first world high speed like Europe or Asia, nor even "second world" high speed like the Acela, but Brightline seems to be, let's say, optimistic. They claim 110mph for Palm Beach to Cocoa and 125mph for Cocoa to Orlando, but neither of those...
  12. John Santos

    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Isn't Brightline mostly running on brand-new track specifically designed for high speed? Not ancient, Civil War Era track that hasn't been properly maintained by a freight railroad noted for trying to maximize passenger discomfort and delays?
  13. John Santos

    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    I can think of three ways ceiling panels might be attached, and different ways the attachments might fail for one particular set of cars. 1) If they are glued on, they might have a bad batch of glue. The fix would probably be to remove them and reattach with good glue, but some of the panels...
  14. John Santos

    Lockers in Chicago or Sacramento?

    The entrance to the storage room is right next to the desk at the entrance to the Metropolitan Lounge and there is always at least one (usually two) people checking passengers into the lounge, including into the storage room, so a bold and confident thief could probably just walk in and take...
  15. John Santos

    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    The credits at the end say he left Chicago on June 29. 2021. The guy gets off for a walk on the platform in Denver and you can see an overhead sign for the "Airport" local rail, which briefly switches to a date/time display that says June 30.