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    New flex meal menu (10/06/21)

    Not a fair comparison. @alpha3 is not asking the crew to know it, but publishing online is not that difficult for anyone (except Amtrak who can't publish when their trains are scheduled to arrive) so customers can decide what they can and cannot eat.
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    Heartland Flyer Versus Car Carrier

    MANY years ago (ten or more), we took the train to/from Ashland. At that time, I remember, there was absolutely nothing posted anywhere about what side to stand on when the train came in on the track furthest from the station. We were the only ones boarding so there was nobody to ask - the young...
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    Electrical supply in Southwest Chief Bedroom?

    Gaffers tape, NOT duct tape unless you don't mind being a someone who damages property. I took gaffer's tape for the first time on my trip that started yesterday and found a cool use for it. I'm extremely hard of hearing and with my hearing aids out while I'm sleeping, I hear nothing. My wife...
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    Trip Report to Grand Junction

    Sure! Why couldn't you bring it aboard MY train! I'll remember that you failed me in my hour of need. But the real story is that the railroad french toast was an embarrassment in its looks and taste. Having real maple syrup will be enjoying the syrup which you could do by drinking from the...
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    First time Rider!

    If you are worried about your safety onboard, you are about as safe there as can be with plenty of staff and fellow passengers and far fewer potential criminals than in so many other places. If you are worried about your safety at stations, again, lots of fellow passengers and enough staff...
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    Room Number on app?

    The latter solution is not reliable. I had a reservation for my trip tomorrow and got the PDF file attached. This was back in June. Then not much later, I realized the agent had made a mistake - putting us across from each other but in different cars. So when I called to get it fixed, I found...
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    Trip Report to Grand Junction

    So we're on our way to Grand Junction. We drove 4 hours to catch the Cardinal. Two coaches, one sleeper, one transdorm, one engine. The best Viewliner SCA we've had. Between the conductor and her, they loaded our bags on the train for us without our asking. Wonderful. She then offered to store...
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    Room Number on app?

    IT rolling out a fix that wasn't full tested? That's what customers are for! You dump your poorly written code out there; your customers point out the problems; you eventually make a half-hearted attempt to fix them then wait for the complaints to roll in again. Microsoft has been doing that for...
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    Should Amtrak implement Starlink on long distance trains?

    For a company who totally flopped in their pandemic response from beginning to end; whose "millenniums like it food policy" was their version of New Coke; whose web site is unbelievably obsolete; and who can't get 25 new sleepers employed after a couple of years, I'd say that if they can't...
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    Do major airline disruptions ever affect Amtrak?

    I'd say that less than 5% of the people I talk to who don't want to fly but take their car long distance even know about train service from their city to our area. And those that do mostly don't think about it when they can't drive or fly. They just put off their trip. For those that suddenly...
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    Amtrak's 50th Year Message - "New Year, New Enhancements"

    Like Microsoft's "Windows". It doesn't mean the glass on my house has to be referred to as "the glass around my house" to avoid being sued.:)
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Thanks, but that wasn't my point. I can get that information but it is yet another example of how poor Amtrak has become and it's still an open question as to whether it is incompetence (failure to check how their site looks on different size monitors and failure to see that what is displayed...
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    California Zephyr which direction is best

    My favorite is the direction I am going is based on where I want to get. So if I'm headed to Sacramento from Denver, I'd rather go west because going east will make my trip much more expensive and longer. :)
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Are they that stupid or just bad liars? I found an old link in my browser to go to the timetables ro see what I'd find. Here is what it now said: So I tried it. Hinton, WV to Chicago on the 24th. It shows Hinton and Chicago (that's customized?) and no intermediate cities. So I click on the...
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    Unmasked NYPD Officers assault NYC Subway rider asking them to mask up @ 8th Street 10/19

    Moreover, it would appear that there can be two offenses if the officer lacked justification for what he did, assault and battery Assault vs battery and neither requires that a person be injured.