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    Reviews for carry-on food at your station

    New York Penn has multiple options for grab and go. Dunkin’ Donuts is located near the main Amtrak concourse. A good choice for bagels, donuts, muffins, coffee or soda. Hudson News is located next to Dunkin’ Donuts and is you’re typical newsstand with more amenities like bags of chips. I...
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    Capitol Limited Service Disruption (5/17)

    With the latest CSX derailment in Alexandria, if they manage to get to Manassas they’ll be stranded there for a bit. They could go west to Pittsburgh and maybe run them east to Altoona and south to Perryville to NEC and Washington Union.
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    Anderson Speaks on Long Distance Trains

    In the grand scheme of travel most travelers care more about timeliness then comfortable seats and WiFi. If they cared more about amenities like comfortable seats the airlines would be hurting and we’d see more highway travel because let’s face it, it’s more comfortable in your own vehicle where...
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    Bus ride (and plane ride) from Hell

    Only option would have been to take I-95 out of DC and connect with Route 1 over the Conowingo Dam as every other Susquehanna crossing was shut. Not a particularly bad option in the least and arguably the most scenic. You would rejoin the interstate system near Valley Forge and Philly area PA...