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I have always loved trains, I take every chance I get to skip the freeways and airports, settle back, and enjoy a nice train trip. I play trombone, and am quite good at it, being in jazz band, which requires earplugs and over ear protection at the same time! I also like many different kinds of music, including old old country, old country, new country, rock, heavy metal, punk rock, jazz, classical, classic rock, blues, a very small selection of pop, and stack talk from steam engines
.My signature has all my trips in it, and I usually take several trips a year, one of my life goals is to ride every train the Amtrak and Via rail system. I'm not much of a photo taker, but I've taken a few nice pictures. I also like texting with a few select people, about trains and other stuff, but I'll gladly go without my phone for days or weeks, when I'm on a train trip. I don't like being in a car at all, I can't drive yet, but it's just not as nice as being on a train, or even sometimes a LD plane, but planes give me headaches, and I've tried water, gum, hard candy, but the only solution is going by train.

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Nov 6, 2002 (Age: 18)
Minneapolis, MN


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