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    Canadian New Years Eve…what can I expect?

    Here's a couple views of a Cabin for 1 (or old style Roomette) Her purse is on the you can easily use it as a foot rest.
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    Watching the Weather from a train

    Here's a link to a ride through a snow storm on the Ocean
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    Canadian New Years Eve…what can I expect?

    As I've posted's a link in the Trip Report forum to a 'Winter Ride on the Canadian' I took several years ago and IMHO....the best time to ride!
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    Ferries, Ferries, and still more Ferries

    Thanks for posting. I've been across there a few times. That's the MV Trans St-Laurent....and nearly 60 years old! Built in 1963 but you'd never know as its up-to-date and very well maintained. And's a big river and getting wide: 23km here. The last 'bridged' crossing of the St...
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    The Canadian's Dome are now Open!

    VIA has just updated this page on their Web Site to show that access to the Park Car and Skyline will now be accessible to passengers based on limited capacity. It also appears all meals are now served in the Dining car including Lunch....not just Breakfast and Dinner. It's the Covid menu but...
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    A Covid 'Atlantic Bubble' Road Trip (& some Trains too!)

    Thanks for posting the pictures.....I know the area well! Easy to follow the old CN right-of-way in those views. To bad it's been mostly obliterated with the construction of the divided Trans Canada Highway.
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    Hurricane Ida - 08/2021

    We're starting to feel the effects of the remnants of Ida in the Maritimes now. Heaviest rain will be along New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy coast and through the Moncton area. VIA's 'Ocean' went through Moncton last evening....but there is no eastbound train today.
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    The 'Ocean'......First Run! (with photos)

    And I'll keep this post updated with Ocean info as it becomes available. PS.....have you visited the CN Caribou....a.k.a the Newfie Bullet equipment display in Corner Brook? I did last year. A Covid 'Atlantic Bubble' Road Trip (& some Trains too!) | Amtrak Unlimited Discussion Forum...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    What a resource! Thanks for that :)
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    The 'Ocean'......First Run! (with photos)

    It's usually 'Manor' Sleepers that are found on the Canadian as they offer more Cabins for 2 (Double Bedrooms) and the larger Cabins for 1 (Roomettes). They were refurbished to match the new interior scheme when 'Prestige Class' was launched. The Canadian does occasionally have a Chateau and...
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    Amtrak's filing with the STB in the CSX attempt to buy Pan Am Southern

    I had a ride out onto that bridge once on the Lakeshore. This was back in the late '70s before Amtrak reconstructed the Post Road Branch that allows the Lakeshore to go directly from Rensselaer to the Berkshire Sub and onto Boston. Post Road Branch - Wikipedia Back then.....the Lakeshore...
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    The 'Ocean'......First Run! (with photos)

    Chateau Sleepers are Stainless Steel and originally built for Canadian Pacific's The Canadian in 1955. VIA completely rebuilt them in the late '80s early '90s. Renaissance Sleepers were built for British Rail in the mid 1990s to run through the Channel Tunnel. That train never ran and VIA...
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    The Electroliner Glides Again

    I think the other one has survived too in Pennsylvania: Liberty Liner Independence Hall » Rockhill Trolley Museum
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    The 'Ocean'......First Run! (with photos)'s been 30 years since the HEP1 rebuilding! But when I travel..... if a Renaissance Sleeper is not available I will reschedule to another date.
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    The Electroliner Glides Again

    Thanks for that! The 'Electroliner' has always been a favorite and I have several books and videos. Now I'll be able to see the real thing!