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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    pass it off as a dueling scar
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    New National Menu February, 2020

    (answering various comments, so you'll have to look at previous posts) I am disappointed that the mussels are replaced by pork wings. I guess pigs can fly after all. I like seafood better. Pork wings are fast food, mussels are fine dining. I prefer salmon, but I like cod pretty well too...
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    Snow on western routes?

    I was just up at my cottage must be in your vicinity. LOTS of snow, and leaking roof!
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    Snow on western routes?

    pretty easy to justify if there are downed trees and power lines over the tracks, and they have to wait until BNSF (or whoever it is) can get personnel and equipment in to clear it.
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    First Timer Questions, Tips, Tricks, etc

    yes, I happened upon it as I was just poking around online, and he saved me 50% on th EB with bedroom! Thanks Paul!