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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    Yes, that is another category. Fortunately we have yet to need a handicapped room. Still hiking the Rockies in our 70’s.
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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    Interesting survey, Nick. Not what i expected as I see many, like my wife and I, who enjoy train travel and want to see the country. Our 'type' is certainly older, usually retired, with time and money to afford sleeper fares. While the trip involves an ultimate destination to see friends...
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    Boeing officially ending 747 production

    My one and only 747 trip was courtesy of British Air. i read a BA newspaper (remember them) ad for a contest on a business trip on US Air. Enter and you could win! Sure enough a few weeks later I got a call that I won a trip to London and 5 days lodging. That was first place. The grand prize...
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    Small plane discussion

    Sometimes you get lucky. During the airline strike I was visiting my brother at an NAS base near Milton, FL. I had no advance reservation - just walked to the ticket window in Flomaton, AL and got a roomette on L&N’s Hummingbird to Cincinnati. The train was packed after we left Montgomery with...
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    Small plane discussion

    As a big treat, my grandmother took me on my first airplane ride from Clarksville, TN to Nashville - around 50 miles - to visit relatives. It was a big deal for a kid and I remember being impressed with the sloping aisle in the plane and amazed at the view of the treetops. This was on Ozark...
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    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    I think the first sleepers with roomettes that included the toilet were the pre war streamliners in the late 30’s. They remained popular until the heritage cars were retired in the early 2000’s. I thought they were great. Unlike Viewliners the toilet was across from the seat nicely disguised...
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    How reliable is Air Conditioning in Bedroom cars

    We were in a bedroom on Auto Train at the end of last September. The room was cool for the first few hours. Then it got warmer and warmer. By bedtime it was roasting. Our excellent attendant, Ernest, moved all the roomette passengers to another car. A couple bedrooms at the end were ok and he...
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    New head of operations at NS

    Interesting story and photos. How often do you think Amtrak sleeping car attendants stand at their station besides the open door, in the rain, with no passengers in sight. Amtrak is not the Pullman company. I remember Biaggini in the late 60’s was in discussion with SCL about a possible merger...
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    New head of operations at NS

    Since former NS CEO Wick Moorman is discussed here, I thought it might be interesting to include a few photos of the Streamliners at Spencer (NC Transportation Museum and former Southern Ry shops) event in 2014 that he supported. Can you imagine one of today's railroad executives providing...
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    New head of operations at NS

    Trains newswire reports that Cindy Sanborn is the new head of operations at the NS. Why do we care? She may well be more receptive to Amtrak schedule changes and on time performance. At the least, she understands railroad operations before PSR and how to run trains, including passenger, in an...
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    Cruise ship discussion

    Just as many of us take a plane one way and return on an LD train, I wish Cruise Lines would do the same. I guess it makes logistics easier for them, but I do think there would be a market for it. I suspect that is partly why there are still a few transatlantic crossings with Cunard and...
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    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    Amtrak should try this. Have budget sleeper fare where you buy your food in the cafe or premium sleeper fare that includes meal in the VII diner—lounge serving quality food prepared by a chef with half the seating area In the car with swivel lounge chairs (like the PPC) for ‘refreshments‘.
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    Amtrak’s Flynn on impact of COVID-19

    Saw this on the CBS Morning News show. Of interest to many is his comment on maintaining LD service, even if reduced frequency as a result of 85% drop in ridership.
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    Top railroad museums in the country

    Don’t forget the East Broad Top RR in PA that will resume operations later this summer. Like the Nevada Northern, it also has an extensive shop complex. Which reminds me of Cass Scenic RR in WV. The line between excursion railroads and railroads that maintain and operate a rolling museum is fuzzy!
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    Round trip to Chicago- Washington, DC. 50, 29

    Interesting report, steve4031. Sounds like train travel is still enjoyable in spite of the best efforts of Amtrak and the current pandemic. Sorry to hear the SSL lounge isn’t operating as sitting there as the train follows the Potomac and crosses at Harpers Ferry was one of the most enjoyable...