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    Worst non-Amtrak transportation experience

    Yep, same experience in Hovercraft from Calais to Dover! Unfortunately, there is no access to the the top deck, so all the passengers were inside and had easy access to the motion sickness bags. It was an interesting and wild ride!
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    Worst non-Amtrak transportation experience

    While living in Ketchikan, I flew out to a logging camp on Prince of Wales Island for business and stayed overnight with a friend. On the way out, sitting behind me in the Otter was a guy not very sober! Next day the weather was so bad there were no flights. The following day's weather was not...
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    Alaska Airlines used to have a partnership with Amtrak, but I don't remember the details. I do remember that you could use Alaska Miles to fly to California from PDX and take the train with roomette home. It was actually a very good deal and we used it once.
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    Amtrak BidUp (Bidding for Upgrades to Business Class/Acela First Class)

    Last week I entered a bid for business class on the Cascades and it was not accepted even though the website said there was a good chance. I was so happy we didn't pay more to ride in the Heritage Cars instead of the Talgo equipment. It has been so long since I took that train, I didn't realize...
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    Trains can't leave before their departure time right?

    As a pilot, I appreciate your excellent explanation of winds, airport arrival procedures, and the challenges of predicting block times. Every now and then I would chuckle when the captain would announce, during a late push back, that "we're sorry for the delay, but we'll put the 'pedal to the...
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    Amtrak Dining

    Time to confess my delusional thought that "Flex Dining" couldn't be that bad. I was wrong!! We just took EB from SEA to CHI this week and couldn't believe that they had the same frozen meal menu for both lunch and dinner. We both thought the chicken fettuccini was ok, as well as the turkey...
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    Amtrak Dining

    My wife and I have shared roomettes many times and I always get the top bunk! Getting old for the gymnastics required to get in and out of bunk with low headroom :) No problem sharing space and using restroom down the hall, and we prefer to save money for the next adventure. Leaving Tuesday on...
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    Train #11 hits truck in Oakland

    "Stuck 'n Struck" sounds like a catchy name for a business. I'm not sure what kind of business so let imagination run wild! You might want to register that trademark :cool:
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    Eliminating open-plan seating and having all cars be compartments

    An airplane is not really a "sealed" capsule. It is pressurized, but the air filtration system on new aircraft brings in outside air and almost all modern jets have HEPA filters and recycle all the air every three minutes. However, cold viruses can still be transmitted on surfaces or by a...
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    What Does Your Forum User Name Mean?

    RovinMoses -- a CB "handle" given to me by my brother several decades ago because I was a Methodist pastor who moved around! "Back in the day" I used it quite a bit on frequent trips from Pendleton to PDX. Remembering Pendleton, we took our grade-school-age kids on The Pioneer to Denver, then on...
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    Will snow delay/stall trains?

    Lot's of snow heading north on CS a few years back. Unfortunately, we were delayed by several hours at Redding because the southbound hit a truck parked on the tracks. Then, after leaving Dunsmuir, our train hit a rock, had to back up several miles to Dunsmuir and wait for a new engine. Took...
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    California Zephyr: Denver - Glenwood - San Francisco in Jan 2020

    Loved your trip report! Here is a pic from early April, 2017, of a small yellow building in the foothills just north of Denver. The color caught my attention because everything else was slightly monochromatic.
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    Gravity toilets

    Yep, here's a news article from 1989 when workers filed a suit against Amtrak for dumping waste on them while they worked underneath bridge. State of Oregon fined Amtrak. I believe that may have been the issue that motivated Amtrak to end the practice of "flushing on the fly." I definitely...
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    Sunset Limited + Coast Starlight + Empire Builder in April

    Our son lives two blocks from PDX station and walks the dog every morning and evening. The area is safe although there are lots of homeless tents. There is a terrific store and deli just 8 blocks away. World Foods Portland However, if you plan on connecting to EB from Coast Starlight, you only...
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    Sunset Limited + Coast Starlight + Empire Builder in April

    Yes, the areas are safe, but you will see lots of homeless people. Our son lives two blocks from station and has not had a problem. Anarchists have targeted other sections of city and most of last the "riots" took place quite a number of blocks south of Union Station. Lots of places to eat that...