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    Large plane discussion

    Was in Tampa in January of 2019.
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    The fact that you can't imagine the need for operational flexibility says more about your imagination than the need for operational flexibility. While not common, situations that make the bypass track useful will come up when things get weird and that flexibility is going to be needed. The...
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    Self-defense (on train)?

    "I know knifes aren't allowed but what are the chances of anyone finding one on me?"
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    Triweekly service will be overshadowed by drop in revenue

    Is your claim that Amtrak did no research on meals and dining service? Based on... They didn't as you? [citation needed]
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    Amtrak Line Plans FY20-25 Released

    No, he (correctly) pointed out that Amtrak wasn't funded to pay for all of the maintenance required to continue traveling over a section of the route. Stakeholders then stepped up to the plate to provide the needed funding. It's the same story with the COVID impacts - Amtrak isn't funded to...
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    Triweekly service will be overshadowed by drop in revenue

    Revenue has *already* dropped. In the absence of supplemental funding from Congress to make up the difference, it's unclear what folks expect Amtrak to do.
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    Amtrak Line Plans FY20-25 Released

    There's no rule that says that the Superliner replacement has to be multilevel. Common LD rolling stock would be a bonus.
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    New Siemens Charger locomotive

    I can dig it. I like the subtle nod to the pointless arrow.
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    Amtrak Customer Service Agents

    You may have also missed this part. Dude knows what he's talking about. You can choose to accept his statement at face value or not, but he doesn't owe you (or anyone else) information that he's unable to disclose. On a completely unrelated note (because I don't have inside information and...
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    Electric Cars

    No, you need to jump it from something else.
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    Autumn Color Express returns

    Likewise! Congrats on your graduation!
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    Number of Train Sets Used for Each Long Distance Train?

    Armchair railroaders that purport to know better than Amtrak on how best to run a railroad amuse me. Thanks for folks like @Thirdrail7 for keeping it real. At the end of the day, you can optimize for 100% efficiency, but we don't live in a 100% efficient world. When things go sideways, you...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    There is tons of cheap uncrowded land north of central Virginia. What part of the world are you trying to get close to?
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    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    That's a bit of a jump to "anti-LD trains". Put all of your funding into half of the trains and you get all the stuff back everyone complains about.
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    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    What were his exact words?