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    How do feel about riding "Coach" ?

    As a foreigner I actually prefer coach. For me big part of travelling is about meeting and learning from locals, this is a lot easier in coach. That said last time I didnt a 15 day trip I splurged for 2 nights roomette for the experience.
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    Strange Incident at Flagstaff 4(3)

    did she get off or was she put off the train?
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    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    Yes on mainland europe there are still plenty of 6 berth couchettes plying the rails, well normally at the moment not so much!
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    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    Ive always wondered why Japanese Capsule Hotels Concept has never been used by any train company around the world (even Japan). To me this would be ideal, space saving and cheap. In a standard coach you could certainly go 3 high and potentially even increase capacity over a standard coach.
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    Unusual Fare System on Empire Builder

    All UK travel insurers will pay out of virgin don't cancel their flights and the no none essential travel advisory remains in place (which it will).
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    Unusual Fare System on Empire Builder

    UK Gov advice against all none essential travel globally is not going to be lifted before the 20th May unfortunately. Given if you travel against this advice your travel insurance will be null and void and the high price of medical care in the US I personally wouldnt travel against this advice.
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    The hated British train...

    the pacer trains lives are having to be extended. The inepitude of our shower of £%^$ which pretends to be a government in the UK has managed to purchase replacement trains which are less reliable than a 40 year bus on rails. Further to this because the doors are towards the middle of the...
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    Nashville to Atlanta line

    I cant see that the plan would be to run Nashville to Savannah as a single route considering they are planning to locate the yard in Atlanta as it is pointless having a yard at a midpoint location on a service. Maybe a separate Atlanta to Savannah route would be on the cards considering the need...
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    Misleading YouTube video (Tips for Sleeping on an Amtrak Train)

    If you've never riden Amtrak before and search amtrak on youtube then you actually might believe this is what they mean by reclining chair If you had never ridden Amtrak before and used this video to learn about what you needed to take with you and what to expect then its bloody misleading...
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    Misleading YouTube video (Tips for Sleeping on an Amtrak Train)

    So this video popped up on my news feed this morning. It appears to be a newish official video. It offers tips on getting the nose out of coach class reclining seats according to the opening gambit. Then goes on to show lay flat (couchette?) beds. Power banks, private bedrooms, pristine white...
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    Why not remote agents for many unmanned stations?

    Turning this around instead of having tele sales agents sat in an office. Have a team of station staff who also answer the phone when they have no face to face customers to deal with.
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    Amtrak.com options

    But how many of those 1033 involve guaranteed connections only? If you book multicity an inexperienced traveller may book none guaranteed connections and risk being stranded in the event of delays.
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    Euro-Shinkansen idea

    Not a Shinkansen but many UK operatives are either already using or awaiting delivery of trains based on Hitachi A-trains. This are being marketed in the UK as Japanese Bullet trains but those in the know will quickly point out that Japanese A trains are not Shinkansen. I think the loading...
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    Why does a trespasser Incident take so long?

    Without jumping to conclusions just however many trespasser incidents including fatalities have you directly experienced worldwide? I have sadly seen them in the UK (around 4 hours delay, then a 30 or so minute wait on a platform at the next station waiting for a further service and a 4am...
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    Why does a trespasser Incident take so long?

    Well I apologise that I jumped to conclusions based on the fact that you showed someone who in your opinion had committed suicide zero compassion because in your opinion they should have known better and the inconvenience if would cause others.