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    Ray Suarez Tweets About NEC

    Thanks, John. I should have including that info in my original post. Ray Suarez is best-known for his PBS and NPR work. In addition, "in his more than 30-year career in the news business, he has also worked as a radio reporter in London and Rome, as a Los Angeles correspondent for CNN, and as...
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    Ray Suarez Tweets About NEC

    Journalist Ray Suarez tweeted yesterday about taking Amtrak from DC to NYC and arriving at least three hours late. (Left DC at 5:15, scheduled to arrive at 8:45.) And this on the Northeast Corridor, the "crown jewel" of the Amtrak system and supposedly the only profitable and reasonably fast...
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    Coast Starlight Disruptions Due to the Alisal Fire

    Hey, "Chubbycat," don't tease us, we need an avatar to associate with your username :).
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    What to do 8pm-midnight in Pittsburgh?

    By the way...I'm just guessing that you're transferring from the Pennsylvanian to the westbound Capitol Limited; the times (8 p.m. to midnight) fit. I assumed that between two long-ish trips you might like to stretch your legs and see a bit of the 'burgh. But if the weather's dreary, or the...
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    What to do 8pm-midnight in Pittsburgh?

    In July 2022, evenings will be long, people will be out, downtown will feel pretty safe. I second PaTrainFan's recommendations. The Amtrak station is approximately halfway between two Primanti locations, one in the Strip (away from downtown) and one in Market Square (smack downtown). See...
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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    A Washington Post reader from near (well, 80 miles, "near" by the standards of a sparsely-populated remote area) the crash had this to say. Lightly edited. Sobering. This is the reality of emergency response in an isolated area with few hospitals and already overwhelmed by COVID. Story is...
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    What type of member are you?

    Both. (Though far less knowledgeable than many, many others on this site.) A fan of train travel, of railroads, railroad history, historic train stations, trains in literature and film, and much else. I'm an economist by profession and now that I'm nearing retirement I toy with the idea of...
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    Entertainment on the train

    Times have changed. This sounds quaint, but I used to prepare for long overseas trips by going to the library's 25-cent shelf and stocking up on 6 or 8 "throwaway" paperbacks for my journey. Sure, I spent daytime sightseeing and evenings at the opera or symphony, but that still left hours to...
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    Morning Paper in sleepers?

    I'm not in the 1% that has homes in multiple cities and an elevator for my car (I don't have a car either). But with modest and very walkable apartments in two cities, joined by the Capitol Limited, I get both cities' newspapers online. It's just too hard to stop and restart delivery. Less...
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    What Amtrak can learn from the Russians

    Yum! Too bad I can't order a la carte, 'cause a meal of "Porridge WITH COURAGES," "CHICKEN SCHNITZEL WITH BOILED RICE AND KETCHUP SAUCE" or maybe "PUPPYKASH WITH TOMATOES," and some "HORSE JUICE" to wash it down is just what I'm craving. Not sure about the "STEWED GOBLETS."
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    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    Yes. It's always rewarding, and polite, to learn at least some rudiments of the language where one is visiting. Favorite memory from my trip to Jesenik, Czech Republic (formerly Freiwaldau, Austria) was standing outside a little pension at lunchtime trying to figure from the posted menu what...
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    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    My greatest solo travel adventure was threading my way on a series of smaller and smaller trains to find my grandmother's birthplace. From Vienna to Brno to Olomouc to Sumperk to Jesenik, Czech Republic (formerly Freiwaldau, Austria, when my grandmother was born there). The train station in...
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    Mandatory COVID vaccination for all Amtrak Employees

    Vaccine requirement for employees is effective November 1. (I'm not sure if that's for the first dose or both doses. Remember that peak protection is two weeks after a second jab of Pfizer or Moderna.) People can also comply by submitting a weekly, negative COVID test. Personally I am not a...
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    No Metro at Rockville station for 3 months

    Thanks, jis, for providing the Amtrak statistic. I can't find up-to-date statistics for MARC ridership there, but one monthly summary (pre-pandemic) showed approximately 500 "weekday boardings" at RKV, on the Brunswick line. That works out to about 20 to 25 a day. No, not a big station, but...
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    No Metro at Rockville station for 3 months

    A heads-up to RKV riders: The Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has just posted this announcement that there'll be no Metro service at the Rockville station for 3 months, starting Sept. 11, during canopy reconstruction: Metro to begin three-month closure to replace aging platform...