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    Silver Service changes?

    Any word or ideas on when the Silvers could return to daily service? I would think that would precede the easing of physically distanced seating...
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    Which poses an interesting question. They can start operating on single track, though the section between Cocoa and WPB will still be the old ROW. I don't know if there are enough passing sidings to start that up before finishing double track the whole way. But to your point, they probably...
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    Brightline not operating due to Covid? Any idea when they might resume operations.

    So, that's pretty much a lie (*cough* excuse). They have a very comprehensive social distancing protocol on their website. So, it's like jis said - the PTC. I just moved to Melbourne for a new job. Housing here is crazy difficult to find, so I'm staying in an apartment. I want to actually...
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    Auto Train - Sanford to Lorton

    150 total cars??? Or 150 passengers in coach?
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    A summer in Japan, 1978

    These make me so happy. I'm a very white guy who was born in Tokyo in 1972 and lived there for nearly 20 years. When I get a chance, I want to make some commentary on your super nostalgic photos. To me, these are akin to many here who remember riding the GG-1's! With regards to the very...
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    Just as an aside - I don't live close to the tracks, but I was out and about last night in Melbourne and got to watch an FEC train pass through downtown. The train ran smooth and fast with a full compliment of intermodal stackers. I was very impressed with the quality of the rail. When I was...
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    NYC to LA BY TRAIN (Youtube) -- My nomination for best Amtrak-related video (Youth Category)

    I wish most Americans would appreciate our country, culture and history as much as this young lad does.
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    First Time Long Distance Train

    This is true - however, you should consider that while the spanned family bedroom does allow viewing from both sides of the train, it is on the lower level, which cancels out some of that benefit. A trip to the sightseer lounge will alleviate the constant view of tree trunks and peoples legs in...
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    Superliner Replacement Costs

    Check this out. I like the over/under concept. Many of these concepts could be modified to rail use and be an awesome option. zephyr seat is a lie-flat airline seat for economy class travelers (designboom.com)
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    Superliner Replacement Costs

    I agree that there is a need for coach on just about every other long distance train. But I stand by the belief that an all-sleeper train is suitable for the AutoTrain only. A similar approach to business class on international airlines, but made much cheaper (ie: no entertainment system...
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    That seems short sighted on someone's part. Without COVID, it would have sucked to have regular riders just told that they couldn't ride for nearly a year during upgrades.
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    The African Lunatic Express

    Here's a cool video by Noel Philips, primarily a Flight vlogger, but occasionally adds some trains in his repertoire (including a nice ride on the Empire Builder). This video shows a phenomenal railroad that goes across Kenya. Politically darker is the investment that was made by China that...
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    Superliner Replacement Costs

    I'd be happy to see the AutoTrain equipped with ALL lay-flat seats in coach in addition to the standard sleeper services. I mean, EVERYONE, after all is travelling overnight, end to end, right?
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    Why is Brightline still shut down? They have quite the compelling infographic on how the spread of COVID on their trains is mitigated. COVID_Brightline.pdf (gobrightline.com) I guess running at a reduced capacity would be too costly? Are they afraid there is no demand? Are they afraid of too...
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    I agree. I hope eventually there will be more than the planned stops, with BL offering express and local trains. IE: Add Melbourne, Sebastian, Vero, Stuart, Jupiter. Places like Sebastian and Jupiter are great for local State Parks, and Melbourne of course is where I am so I don't have to...