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    Tragedy - Mexico City Metro Rail

    When I lived in New Mexico, a brand new house we bought started sinking. We inquired with a lawyer who said our home was built on a sandy aluvian plain. He reiterated that you can build a house on quick sand, but it has to be engineered for quicksand.
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    Tragedy - Mexico City Metro Rail

    Seems to be just cheap, shoddy concrete work. No excuse.
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    Northeast corridor curves that prevent High Speed Rail?

    So I wouldn't take stock in station slowdowns. I think every train stops there, so it wouldn't be an issue. I honestly don't know if the non-stop DC-NY Acela is running or not. Even so, all trains would likely slow down in stations. AFAIK, no station platforms on the NEC have barricades on...
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    Brightline (FEC) Update

    Maybe this evening I can go back and look and see if there is any rail positioned leading to the constructed bridge. I think that it would be logical to keep the current alignment. That new bridge could be just for construction, but in this case, I don't think they are raising the level of the...
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    Brightline (FEC) Update

    I've seen a lot of that North of Crane Creek up to Cocoa, particularly where the track crosses Babcock (There's a Sonic there which will become an AWESOME railfan spot).
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    Brightline (FEC) Update

    Maybe jis can shed some light on this... I am impressed by the progress of the Crane Creek bridge in Melbourne. Then I noticed that there was already grade created and a 2nd track bridge already in place that I would have assumed would be easier to tear down, rebuild, move traffic to, then...
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    High-Speed Rail between Dallas and Fort Worth being discussed . . .

    I've never understood airport to airport connections. Why? Who's final destination is the airport? You'll always have to transfer one way or another to where you are going. I mean, you can't compare IAH to DFW with Houston to Dallas or Fort Worth. You're always going somewhere else. Dallas...
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    Japan makes our country and Amtrak seem like frontier times.

    The NEC really isn't THAT bad. The Acela at 160 MPH is formidable. Only it that that for like 5 minutes between Boston and DC. The biggest issue with the NEC is the crumbling infrastructure, not the availability of service.
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    Rocky Mountaineer makes the news

    New U.S. train journey from Moab to Denver will feature glass-dome carriages | Daily Mail Online
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    New Southern Belle

    Kinda back to the original post, iirc, KCS with onboard with the proposed "Crescent Star" that Kay Bailey Hutchinson was pushing back in the late 90's early 00's. That never happened. Doubt we'll ever see the Southern Belle. :( I had an opportunity in 1991 to ride on what was one of the last...
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    Japan makes our country and Amtrak seem like frontier times.

    Here's one that you can see the Shinkansen on (left two tracks, not the people mover on the far left): Tokyo Live Camera Ch1 [4K] 東京 汐留 鉄道 ライブカメラ - YouTube Note: best viewing time is from around 6PM EDT through to around Midnight EDT. The bullet train runs almost every 5 minutes in one...
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    Does Amtrak cost more if you split up a trip?

    Basically, it's two separate tickets. I wish they would offer a single ticket with opportunity for a layover enroute.
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    High-Speed Rail between Dallas and Fort Worth being discussed . . .

    Between DFW and Houston, for sure. But not between Dallas and Fort Worth. That's just silly. Honestly, I would have preferred the HSR that's being planned between Dallas and Houston to have gone along the I-35 corridor then out to El Paso (That would be a long, fast, but expensive route with...
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    Amtrak employee meals

    What airline pilots? Perhaps overseas operating crews with flights over 9 hours, but no. Most domestic pilots are responsible for their own grab and go between flights.