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  1. S

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan - Oct 2022)

    MODERATOR NOTE: Due to the number of posts pertaining to the Meteor cancellation and Star/Meteor combination, a new thread was created and posts were moved from a couple of threads to this new one (1/20/22). I just got a new ticket for 2/23 on train 91 when I was supposed to be on 97. A...
  2. J

    California Zephyr Eastbound question: Bedroom / Car 632 / Room D

    Hi! While I have traveled regional trains via Amtrak before, this June trip will be my first long distance trip. Does anyone know if my bedroom will have the couch facing Eastbound? The direction the train is traveling? Car 632 / Room D I forgot to ask that when making my reservation. I get...
  3. L

    WAS-CHI-MTZ with a toddler

    My husband, my toddler (16mo), and I took the Capitol Limited and California Zephyr in early August 2020 to go from Washington DC to Martinez, CA (SF Bay Area). The trip was 3 nights. First I want to say thank you for all of the very helpful information in this forum! It was a dream come...
  4. Willbridge

    1977 Montreal > Edmonton Super Continental

    Eastbound on CP Air and Air Canada to a Transport 2000 conference in Ottawa. Then a Rapido to Montreal, and the Super Continental back to Edmonton in a Bedroom. Our son was two years old.