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  1. C

    Hello from Small Town, Alberta, Canada

    Hello train travel enthusiasts. I’m a 45 year old woman from Alberta, Canada that has traveled a fair bit, by my account, on Via Rail across Canada. I’ve traveled on Amtrak once in my teens to Florida from West Virginia, on an auto train, with my family. That’s a story for another time...
  2. Willbridge

    Megabus expands in western PA Flixbus had not yet reached Pittsburgh.
  3. KillerCroconaw

    Assigned seats on the train?

    To my knowledge, I believe assigned seats only happen on certain trains, or is it completely random? I’ve only been assigned seats twice, and I’m pretty sure they were both trains from Chicago to Pittsburgh, I believe. The other times, I was not assigned a seat. I’ve looked around and it seems...
  4. M

    Riding in Coach

    I've ridden Amtrak many times as child and teen in sleeper class but have never ridden overnight in coach before. I'm planning to ride from Champaign, IL, to Memphis and meet with family there. I will be packing very light (backpack + my onewheel to get around) so I have less to carry with me...
  5. Willbridge

    March 2022 Greyhound cuts

    From their website today... Effective March 1, 2022 Please be advised that effective March 1st, Greyhound will discontinue trips 4692 and 4691 that operate between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, PA. This will reduce frequency from 2 trips per day to 1 trip per day on this route. Affected...
  6. J

    Mask compliance -business compared to coach?

    Taking the train tomorrow. I'm weighing business vs. coach. On which type of car are passengers more likely to stay masked? I've seen a few (train to Albany and train to Florida) chronically ignoring the mask rule.
  7. coalman

    Sleeping in Coach/Business

    I'm planning a 24 hr. trip in May from PDX to Santa Baraba. I will take sleeper down but was thinking of seeing what sleeping in coach was like on way back? Should I take a blanket and pillow? Is it worth 50$ extra to try Business? Any chance that I could buy a meal in dining car? Thank you...
  8. Willbridge

    "Upswing" in Intercity Bus reported The fourth quarter report of the DePauw University intercity bus study is out. Good news for intercity bus operators that they report includes the fact that it will take a long time for any new Amtrak lines to get started...
  9. P

    Plus sized first time overnight train ride

    Hi everyone! I'm 25 and doing my first overnight train ride on November 19th from NYP (New York Penn Station) to West Palm Beach! I've been on little day rides on the local amtrak, but it's been a little bit. I'm a plus sized woman (size 28 pant size) and would love to know what it's like...
  10. Willbridge

    Trip Report: DAV>DEN on August 17/19 2021

    Of course, I should mention how I got to my family reunion from DEN first. It was by bus through Montana due to the combination of mudslides in Glenwood Canyon blocking the UP (ex-D&RGW) line and I-70/US6. That triggered off sell-outs and fare increases on the somewhat parallel Greyhound...
  11. Willbridge

    Wild price variations - Amtrak Coach vs Bus

    Studying alternatives can really pay off. Greyhound has a commission agent in Deming, so passengers can check baggage and buy tickets with cash, ask for assistance, etc. Buses depart twice daily in each direction on the COVID schedule. Minimum fares from Deming, NM as of 19 March 2021 On...
  12. Ed Niblock

    Amtrak Superliner Coach Tour

  13. K

    Traveling from Chicago to Whitefish, coach with kids

    Hi all. We just realized (2 days before our trip) that we didn't actually book the sleeper car as we had though and that we are, in fact, traveling overnight in coach class on the Empire Builder. I guess we don't know how to read the booking site :/ So bummed:( Anyway, now that we know this...
  14. B

    Is there a way to tell how full the coaches will be before arriving at the station?

    When taking a LD train I prefer to have access to my suitcase, but when the coach is full, one can't really pull it out to open and get something, so now I'm thinking it's better for me to check my luggage. Is there a way to determine before heading for the station how full the coach class will...
  15. oregon pioneer

    BC vs Coach on NER#178

    I see that they have raised the low bucket fare on the LSL, and it is now cheaper to take the Cap Ltd and NE Regional if going from CHI to BOS (perk if I can take the NE Regional is that RTE is closer to where I am going than BOS). So the question is: on the 178 NE Regional, what is the...