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  1. Bonser

    Amtrak delays

    What's going on with the Zephyr this past week? It's been coming into Chicago in the wee am hours and yesterday's westbound #5 is arriving Emeryville today at 10:46. That's the ETA. Today's WB is already over 6 hours late and counting.
  2. coalman

    Empire Builder Operational Questions

    Hello! I travel on EB next week Portland, Or. to Erie, Pa. Very thankful for this forum answering lots of my ?s but I have a few more mostly curious operational questions. 1. Does each train have an ID sub unit number? There must be at least 3 trains at any one time going East to West. They all...
  3. Thirdrail7

    NJ Transit unveils performance dashboard

    I've played around with this and I like, even though I'm sure some of it may be "spin." Additionally, it doesn't actually improve the service. However, at least we know the why and what their take on the situation is...
  4. Thirdrail7

    Portal Bridge failures to be reduced with new Coast Guard order

    This is a baby step but it is more feelgood than reality. New Jersey river restrictions aim to ease Portal Bridge stress, commuting trouble The previous embargo was 6am-10am and 4pm-8pm. The problem is...