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  1. P

    Plus sized first time overnight train ride

    Hi everyone! I'm 25 and doing my first overnight train ride on November 19th from NYP (New York Penn Station) to West Palm Beach! I've been on little day rides on the local amtrak, but it's been a little bit. I'm a plus sized woman (size 28 pant size) and would love to know what it's like...
  2. W

    Traveling cross country with an 8 month old baby in coach?

    I'm new to Amtrak so not sure how it is to travel across the country on a train. My fiancé doesn't want to take our son in the plane so we decided to travel in Amtrak instead so he can move. Anyway, we're trying to save some money since we're planning our wedding in California so doing coach...
  3. CTANut

    First time on Amtrak

    I am planning to travel on Amtrak for the first time ever from Toledo, Ohio to Kingman, AZ on December 17th. I will be traveling in a sleeper on one of the three daily trains that run along the corridor. I am considering cancelling my ticket for the segment from Toledo to Chicago, primarily...
  4. V

    First Time Doing Extensive Traveling

    In several months at the end of March of next year I will be traveling to Maine from Illinois via train. I can navigate Pontiac and union station in Chicago just as well because I’ve been there before. But beyond that I’m gonna be so freakin out because I’ve never travelled outside of Illinois...