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  1. Willbridge

    DEN<>PDX on Greyhound in 1997

    Recently I turned up my post-Pioneer trip report on a Greyhound trip between Denver and Portland. It's interesting in that they were still running two through schedule patterns on US40 and two more on I-80 between Denver and Salt Lake City via Cheyenne. In addition, there was one through...
  2. Willbridge

    Flix adds new routes / blasts Deutschlandtakt FlixTrain criticises Deutschlandtakt: ‘nobody wants a twenty-minute train’ | Aside from the useful news about added routes, this has the clearest...
  3. Willbridge

    March 2022 Greyhound cuts

    From their website today... Effective March 1, 2022 Please be advised that effective March 1st, Greyhound will discontinue trips 4692 and 4691 that operate between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, PA. This will reduce frequency from 2 trips per day to 1 trip per day on this route. Affected...
  4. Willbridge

    "Upswing" in Intercity Bus reported The fourth quarter report of the DePauw University intercity bus study is out. Good news for intercity bus operators that they report includes the fact that it will take a long time for any new Amtrak lines to get started...
  5. Willbridge

    Trains sold out on Dec 26th

    I titled this so that others may want to note sell-outs on other corridors. I've been following news of the Cascades corridor since the days in the 1950's when we would take my dad down to Portland Union Station for his monthly staff meeting in Seattle. (Amtrak treated him to a party when he...
  6. Willbridge

    1975 Intercity Bus Study

    As requested... Here it is, in glorious PDF format. I re-read it and it's interesting to see that a few of its recommendations were adopted. This is an orphan report that was meant to gather information and ideas for consideration in the first ever legislatively-mandated multi-modal...
  7. Willbridge

    BOLT hands off to Mother Greyhound

    BOLT (aka Greyhound) "indefinitely" ends Cascades service: BoltBus, the Affordable Bus Service That Would Ferry Portlanders as Far North as Vancouver, B.C., Has Shut Down Indefinitely BoltBus The Greyhound booking website for July 5th shows that they have added a second GL trip to SEA<>PDX...
  8. Willbridge

    Greyhound rolls into Denver Union Station

    Greyhound has kept up a skeleton network of mostly daily service in the Pandemic period, so it should fit with little problem in the 22-bay Denver Union Station underground bus concourse. Before the Pandemic service had been cut to a fraction of what it was when the DUS project was planned. A...
  9. Willbridge

    Intercity Bus Cuts Due to Pandemic

    I haven't seen announcements and operating bulletins are incomplete, but... Greyhound Lines has gone to less-than-daily service on additional once-a-day lines. The one change that was bulletined, Table 502 - Spokane<>Portland, was effective July 23rd. They'll depart Spokane X67 and Portland...
  10. Willbridge

    VIA Rail problems with former GLC riders

    Unfortunately, the end of transcontinental Greyhound Lines of Canada service has pushed some problem passengers onto the infrequent and late VIA Rail "Canadian." While Greyhound sometimes has problem passengers, they are likelier to be close to scheduled times and their driver may be able to...