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  1. Willbridge

    Greyhound rolls into Denver Union Station

    Greyhound has kept up a skeleton network of mostly daily service in the Pandemic period, so it should fit with little problem in the 22-bay Denver Union Station underground bus concourse. Before the Pandemic service had been cut to a fraction of what it was when the DUS project was planned. A...
  2. Willbridge

    Intercity Bus Cuts Due to Pandemic

    I haven't seen announcements and operating bulletins are incomplete, but... Greyhound Lines has gone to less-than-daily service on additional once-a-day lines. The one change that was bulletined, Table 502 - Spokane<>Portland, was effective July 23rd. They'll depart Spokane X67 and Portland...
  3. Willbridge

    VIA Rail problems with former GLC riders

    Unfortunately, the end of transcontinental Greyhound Lines of Canada service has pushed some problem passengers onto the infrequent and late VIA Rail "Canadian." While Greyhound sometimes has problem passengers, they are likelier to be close to scheduled times and their driver may be able to...