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  1. W

    Illini/Saluki Top Speed

    I am a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During breaks, I ride the Amtrak Illini and Saluki trains to and from my home in the suburbs of Chicago. On my way back to school in January we were flying through the South Side of Chicago and that got me wondering what is the...
  2. C

    Business class on the Illini/Saluki is a ripoff

    I booked a business class ticket on the Saluki, and instead of the normal single level coaches, the Superliners were used instead. Business class was just a normal section of the coach with a curtain separating it. You might just be better off booking a coach seat on the lower level instead.
  3. MccfamschoolMom

    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    My office in the building where I work (in Dwight, IL) has a window facing the train tracks, and we're just a block or two away from the local Amtrak station. I regularly see the Lincoln Service trains approaching or leaving the station. The Texas Eagle runs along the same track, but it wasn't...